Tiptilt Aperture wheel interface

{ idempotent void init() throws TTapertureException; idempotent void setIndex(int index) throws TTapertureException; idempotent int getIndex() throws TTapertureException; idempotent void setPosition(double position) throws TTapertureException; idempotent double getPosition() throws TTapertureException; idempotent void shutdown() throws TTapertureException; idempotent void reboot() throws TTapertureException; };

Firmware description

The values in ttaperture_offset.conf are in degrees as well. The first entry is the distance/angle from the reference hall switch to the first position (index = 1 / position = 0.0 deg). The entries 2..7 are \xB1 offsets to the respective nominal positions (45, 90, ..., 315 deg).

The range for arbitrary "continuous" positioning goes from 0.0 to 360.0 deg. The step size is 0.00032 deg. But the accuracy is worse than that. So, to work with increments of 1/100 deg would be okay. A returned index of -1 indicates that the wheel is not at an indexed position.


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