ARGOS LAS UEI Temperature Monitor (PDNA 201)

Initial configuration

The UEI Cube will be used to monitor environmental variables of the ARGOS systems. It includes 3 DNA-202 analog current input cards. Each cards counts with 12 differential channels. The configuration file needs to be edited accordingly to setup each sensor, otherwise the channel lecture will be wrong.

How to define the scale

Since each channel will have attached a sensor, we have to define the scale (most of the industrial sensors have a linear response in function of the current), minimum, and maximum values. So, for instance, for a temperature sensor that can read from -30 to 70 C, with a minimum current of 4mA and maximum of 20mA, the configuration for that channel should be like this:
DEV1.CHANNEL1.SENSOR_DESCRIPTION:String = "Sensor in Cabinet 1"

DEV1.CHANNEL1.SENSOR_TYPE:String = "Temperature Sensor NNN.NN"

DEV1.CHANNEL1.MIN_CURRENT:Double = 0.004 +UNIT:String = Ampere

DEV1.CHANNEL1.MAX_CURRENT:Double = 0.020 +UNIT:String = Ampere

DEV1.CHANNEL1.VALUE:Double = 0.0 +MAX:Double = 70.0 +MIN:Double = -30 +ALARM:Double = 50

DEV1.CHANNEL1.UNIT:String = Celsius

Knowing the maximum and minimum current of the sensor, plus the maximum and minimum temperature in its scale, we can calculate any value in function of the read current.

ARGOS LAUNCH UEI temperature monitor (PDNA 207)

The UEI Cube will be used to monitor environmental variables of the ARGOS systems. It includes 1 DNA-207 card. This card has 16 differential channels, additional dedicated CJC channel, maximum sampling rate of 1kHz per channel, 18-bit resolution, \xB110V input range, gains - 1,2,4,8,10,20,40,80,100,200,400,800, overvoltage protection (-40V to +55V), direct inputs for thermocouples (with DNA-STP-AI-U panel), and embedded averaging engine.

The default IP address is

The configuration for each channel may include:
DEV1.CHANNEL1.SENSOR_DESCRIPTION:String = "Sensor in Cabinet 2"

DEV1.CHANNEL1.SENSOR_TYPE:String = "ThermocoupleTypeK"

DEV1.CHANNEL1.TEMPERATURE:Double = 0.0 +MAX:Double = 70.0 +MIN:Double = -30 +ALARM:Double = 50

DEV1.CHANNEL1.UNIT:String = Celsius

where SENSOR_TYPE can be one of the followings:

When no sensor type is given, or the given one is not in the previous list, sensor type K will be used by default followed by a warning message.
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