Verification at MPIA


  • Goal: Swing in/out, stop motion, etc.
  • Operate and move system from engineering interface for all test cases (ARGOS-MPIA-VER-ELE-001-Swing Arm Controller)


  • 26.05.2011 finally implemented and verified (Documentation to be updated ARGOS-MPIA-VER-ELE-001-Swing Arm Controller)
  • 11.07.2011 last tests with DX before shipping showed some software bugs to be fixed.
Functionality SX DX
relative movement OK open (move out of park position)
absolute movement OK OK
moving working position OK open (movement does not slower velocity)
moving park position OK open (movement does not slower velocity
lock and unlock OK OK
stop motion OK OK
emergency stop OK OK


  • Goal: Catch target position (+- 1mm radius, 1\x92 tilt) and keep over time (<10 micron)
  • Measured with PSD system and dial gauge


Tested Spec measurement In spec
working position repeatability in x +/- 1mm <10 micron OK
working position repeatability in y +/- 1mm <10 micron OK
working position over time +/- 10 micron <10 micron OK


  • Goal: Control position and tip tilt alignment to the needed accuracy
  • Measurement with laser tracker
  • Rough alignment of position angle (y) with end stop
    • 1mm@endstop = 7.2mm@position
    • mm@endstop = (rel pos [mm] - x-rot [mm])/7.2
    • 10 plates with thickness difference of 0.1mm
    • 3 plates with thickness of 1mm
  • Rough alignment of length (x) with dial gauge on upper spindle
    • 1mm = 1mm in length
    • nominal value 4325mm
    • nominal distance upper spindle = 69.5mm
    • nominal distance lower spindle = 71.234mm
  • Rough alignment of tilt (y-rotation) with dial gauge on lower spindle
    • 1mm@spindle = 15.29'
    • mm@spindle = rel angle ['] * 0.0654 + x
  • Rough alignment of tip (x-rotation) with calibration unit holder prism
    • 1mm@prism = 23.256'
    • mm@prism = rel angle ['] * 0.043
  • Rough alignment of focus (z) with focus screw on calibration unit holder
    • 1mm = 1mm in height
  • Fine alignment with ASM hexapod and optical feddback (not tested @ MPIA)
  • Accuracy for alignment (tilt angle defined by lower spindle with x/226,248 radians)
    • 1 turn@spindle = 3mm
    • 1/2 turn@spindle = 1.5mm
    • 1/4 turn@spindle = 0.75mm
    • 10 deg@spindle = 0.0833mm = 76.386"
    • 5 deg@spindle = 0.0415mm = 38.193"
  • Range for alignment in lower spindle
    • 1.75 turns = 5.25mm = 1.337 deg


  • 29.07.2011 verification with laser tracker. Adjustment within two iterations possible (<1mm, <1')
  • The measurements are described in: ARGOS Gusset plate alignment
  • (detailed measurement list to come).
  • Measurement correlation between turns on upper screw and distance between T-Gusset and arm measured at the upper screw Measurement_upper_screw.pdf
  • Measurement correlation between turns on lower screw and distance between T-Gusset and arm measured at the lower screw Measurement_lower_screw.pdf


  • Goal: Understand mechanical gain of the swing arm
  • Introduce vibration with shaker and measure at mount and at swing arm end with accelerometer. In such way one can get the transfer function.


Fiber throughput

  • Goal: Measurement of fiber throughput.


  • (Description and pictures to come)
Fiber Output Input
SX FB1 45.6 mW 310 mW
SX FB2 45.3 mW 310 mW
SX FB3 41.7 mW 310 mW
SX FB4 46.0 mW 310 mW
SX FB5 44.5 mW 310 mW
DX FB1 1.58 mW 1.95 mW
DX FB2 1.66 mW 1.95 mW
DX FB3 1.68 mW 1.95 mW
DX FB4 1.72 mW 1.95 mW
DX FB5 1.71 mW 1.95 mW


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