Test Stand MPIA


  • Stable
  • Vibration damped
  • Interface to Swing Arm
  • Planarity
within one mount 0.1mm
between both mounts 1.0mm


By Friedrich Heuser GmbH, Im Schuhmachergewann 1, 69123 Heidelberg

Delivered and installed August 2010


  1. argos_testStand_baust_drawing_of_full_hall_KB-04c_Einbau_Schwenkarm_20100305.jpg
  2. argos_testStand_baust_drw_wall_KB-05-A-Schwenkarm_in_Kranbahnhalle_20100305.jpg

Swing Arm

  1. argos_swingArm_227-01_V02b_drw_100218_p1_OU_parallel.jpg
  2. argos_testStand_3D_in_hall_227-03_IF_V01_drw_100707.jpg


  1. argos_testStand_drawing_satnd_227-03_V02_drw_100709.jpg
  2. argos_testStand_upper_mount_227-01-03_D02_drw_100225.jpg


Interface: Positioning verified with tape measure by R.R. Rohloff

Planarity: TBV!!


  1. argos_test_stand_front-side_view_upper_right_20110211.jpg
  2. argos_testStand_full_20110211.jpg
  3. argos_testStand_full_hall_201008xx.jpg
  4. argos_testStand_lower_mount_20110211.jpg
  5. argos_argo_testStand_side_view_upper_left_20110211.jpg
  6. argos_testStand_upper_mount_20110211.jpg


The Swing Arm interface changed later because of some requests from LBT.

2. End stop interface

  1. argos_testStand_front-side_view_upper_rightdistances_20110211.3.jpg
Approximated volume of the end stop:

243mm hight start, 100mm end

205.4mm wide

=> the mount should fit as long nothing else will be attached around there.
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