To Be Done

  • Adjusting the DX working position switch
  • Design and install collision switch
  • Final harbor design and installation (we definitely need a cap for the optics, as at the spot where the arms are sitting, when the telescope is in zenith, the roof is leaking!!)

  • Some software issues with the DX arm, which have to be sorted out with the company we ordered the software with.
    • The DX and SX PFC is somehow connected in the display but works OK (wrong displaying)
    • Stop movements go abruptly and wrong at the position switches. Slow speed solves this problem temporarily.
    • 20110831 new version received. Direction flag calling the way to move was changed.
  • Installation of the optics and initial alignment of the calibration unit.

23.08.2011 Tuesday Gaessler

  • Web interface upgrade
  • Checked park position signals at telescope
  • Checked DX PFC lockout
  • Checked SX PFC lockout
  • Laser tracker measurement DX
  • Training swing arm to mountain stuff
  • Hand written manual for swing arm

22.08.2011 Monday Gaessler

  • Fixed DX position switch
  • Went back to old software version 27.06.2011 with PFC flags error and hard stop
  • Laser tracker measurements SX to pins

21.08.2011 Sunday Gaessler

  • Attached DX absolute encoder
  • Tested DX sequence
  • Re-adjusted DX park position without success
  • Re-adjust DX park position switch
  • Attached SX absolute encoder
  • Tested and adjusted the moving sequences SX

20.08.2011 Saturday Gaessler

  • Adjusting harbor
  • Measuring in end position absolute encoder
  • Setting working position
  • Issue: DX software moving sequence is all the time moving with lowest speed (v4 = 2 deg before end position)
  • Cabling SX without absolute encoder
  • Setting up swing arms for end stop measurement and working position switch adjustment
  • Supporting LUCIFER

19.08.2011 Friday Gaessler

  • Attaching DX swing arm
  • Cable attached DX an position switch at shaft removed
  • On the fly cabling SX to make arms ready for movement on Saturday
  • Slotting the holes of DX side (many thanks to Jeff Urban)
  • Preparation for final cabling on SX side

18.08.2011 Thursday

  • Cabling DX
  • Taking of DX swing arm
  • Preparation for Laser tracker measurement
  • Attached the nest plate
  • Cabling SX on the fly
  • Trying to move on horizon
  • Didn't work out, dropped down and couldn't move even with 13.5Nm
  • Ground Endstop side DX
  • Tried to attach DX
  • Base plate oversized 3-5mm
  • Cabling DX side

17.08.2011 Wednesday

  • Attached SX swing arm.
  • Problem with the upper mount. Bolts got stuck.
  • Unscrewed all bolts again.
  • Ground Endstop side.
  • Lifted again.
  • Motor connected.
  • Upper mount turned a bit.
  • Bolted down both mounts.
  • Adjusted lower mount and measured absolute encoder position.
  • Tree house termination
  • Turning the swing arms

16.08.2011 Tuesday Gaessler

  • Cabling junction box
  • Lifted swing arms up to level 4
  • Attached T-gusset with all dial gauges

15.08.2011 Monday Gaessler

  • Arrived at 10:00
  • Unpacking was already done down to the bagged swing arms
  • Electronic cabinet was already installed
  • Re-attached the drilling templates
  • Assembly of harbor
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