Calibration Unit installation

  • Fiber extension and routing?
    • How far are the fibers routed for the white light sources in the ASM ?
    • How far are the fibers routed for the green laser diode light sources ?
    • What fibers are needed (length/type) ?
    • Who does the routing ?
  • Light sources second C-ring Rack?
    • C-Ring Rack where the white and green light sources will be installed probably mid march or earlier.
  • Preparation for vibration measurement as backup and online tool for swing arm damping if necessary
    • 0ne 3 axis accelerometer on top of Calibration Unit (plate with adapter for accelerometer)
    • Data translation box
    • cables
  • Preparation for laser tracker measurements
    • prior get position measurements of fix points to which the arm was measured by Wolfgang to have an idea where we are.
    • Set up software to calculate adjustments to be made from the laser tracker measurements.


  • Fibers for green/white light sources for routing
  • Calibration Unit
  • Green diode sources
  • White light sources
  • laser tracker
  • retro-reflectors
  • Mount for retro-reflectors on swing arm
  • 3 Accelerometers
  • Data translation box + software
  • Mount for 3 accelerometers


  1. Light source test
  2. Laser tracker measurement for rough adjustment
  3. Calibration unit installation with final harbor and cover
  4. Fine adjustment with FLAO and LUCIFER
  5. Data evaluation
  6. Final fine adjustment with FLAO and LUCIFER
(10 days + 2 contingency + 2 arrival and departure = 14 days)

Resources needed

Person for Needed for test # time
telescope 2,3,4,6 7 days
LUCIFER (1),4,6 4(6) days
FLAO 4,6 4 days
laser tracker 2 2 days
help with harbor installation 3 1 day
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