Satellite avoidance system (SAT/SAS)

The LBT Observatory is required by the DOD to coordinate its laser operations with the Air Force Joint Functional Component Command for Space (JFCC SPACE, aka Space Command), to ensure that they are \x93conducted in a safe and responsible manner that protects space systems, their effectiveness, and humans in space.\x94. The major functions provided by the CPA software module are:

  1. Load and parse the PAMs (Predictive Avoidance Approval Messages) provided by the LCH (Laser Clearinghouse). There are two types of PAMs: one for Alt/Az targets and one for RA/Dec targets.
  2. Generate a list of targets and their respective open and closed time windows.
  3. Generate an interlock signal to the main ARGOS software (go / no go) based on:
    1. Telescope is pointing to an approved target (Coordinates provided by PCS).
    2. Time is inside an \x93open window\x94 for that target.
    3. Telescope is not slewing (Flag provided by MCSPU).
    4. Software is generating a valid heartbeat.
The basic flow diagram of the module operation is shown in the figure below. Note that the default state of the interlock signal is \x93Laser OFF\x94.

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Satellite avoidance GUI


Package diagram of the full satellite system


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