Software pre-shipment action items

  1. Add telemetry for main cooling flow (currently available only on manifold display) and pressure.: FIXED
  2. Make Laser serial numbers available on the laser eng GUI. : FIXED
  3. Laser interlock operation GUI needs to be logical to the user for operation. -> due: before laser commissioning
  4. Currently "Shutdown" on one side also turns off the common components, like the interlocks. A three-way shutdown (SX, DX, ALL) should be implemented.: FIXED
  5. Evaluate the option to have a mechanism implemented to retrieve laser head configuration after head replacement (currently a cfg file must be manually changed).
  6. "Channel x" labels should be replaced by corresponding "Laser x" labels in oscilloscope on eng GUIs (check for other places).: FIXED
  7. Improve Cameras displays control (zoom, cut levels), like ds9.
  8. "Check laser power" should display the measurements in an accessible way. : FIXED
  9. Loss of cooling water is not being reported on controller GUI. FIXED. Test how much time it takes from loss of cooling to overheating condition to define the delay to wait for operator intervention before automatic shutdown.
  10. In controller GUI, "LAS controller state" should change from "READY_TO_OBSERVE" to "DEVICE_ERROR" when network is disconnected, but it is not. FIXED
  11. From STARTED_UP to READY_TO_OBSERVE, currently only propagation shutter open and operator interlock are checked. All interlocks should be checked.: FIXED
  12. TLR-148 (Operational states) must explicitly say that naming must be consistent within ARGOS.
  13. Rename CAS to "Propagation shutter".: FIXED
  14. Provide audible alarms for warnings and errors (needs to verify control room capability) - due: during commissioning.
  15. Non-sided components should not have sided labels (on monit): FIXED.
  16. Fix frequently crashing GUIs. : FIXED
  17. Recovery from any problem must come back to a closed propagating shutter. Opening the shutter again will have to require operator intervention. FIXED
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