LAT Control

Software installation

To install the LATControl software, first enter the LATControl directory in the argos trunk:

cd misc/lat/LATControl

You may need to change the Makefile in trunk/misc/lat/LATControl to match the server computer's OS architecture (x86 or x64), g++ compiler version, and operating system (Linux or Windows).

From the same directory, run in the terminal:


This installs both the LATServer and the optional LATClient programs.

Running LATServer

From LATServer/bin, run LATServer with a flag indicating the config file (usually ../etc/server.config):

cd LATServer/bin
./LATServer ../etc/server.config

Using LATClient

From LATClient/bin, the test client program can be executed with the following commands:

cd LATClient/bin
./LATClient [Command] [Argument 1] [Argument 2]
Command Argument 1 Argument 2 Description
CamPowerOn     Turns on camera
CamPowerOff     Turns off camera
CamPowerStat     Outputs to CL whether camera is on or off
ShutterOpen     Opens dust shutter
ShutterClose     Closes dust shutter
ShutterStat     Outputs to CL whether dust shutter is open or closed
FocHome     Resets focus position to home
FocMoveAbs 0 <= [Integer] <= 7500   Moves focus to given step position
FocMoveRel -7500 <= [Integer] <= 7500   Moves focus given number of steps from current position. Negative is towards home.
GetImage     Takes image with camera, saving as .fits file in directory indicated by included client.config file
GetCamParam ExpTime   Outputs camera exposure time in microseconds to CL
SetCamParam ExpTime 75 <= [Integer] <= 53700000 Sets camera exposure time in microseconds
GetCamParam BinningX   Outputs to CL camera horizontal binning factor
SetCamParam BinningX 1 <= [Integer] <= 8 Sets camera horizontal binning factor
GetCamParam BinningY   Outputs camera vertical binning factor to CL
SetCamParam BinningY 1 <= [Integer] <= 2048 Sets camera vertical binning factor
If execution fails with an UnsupportedEncodingException, try adding the following flag to the end of the arguments:

Control software deployment diagram

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