Finite State Machine

The behavior of the Launch controller system of ARGOS is described by the following finite state machine (FSM).

The LAN devices are:
  • Launch Mirror 1 (LM1)
  • Pupil Mirror (PM)
  • Focal stage (FS)
  • Vibration System (VS)
  • Shutter LM1
  • Shutter LM2
External devices for info and to command:
  • Laser System (shutter status and shutter command [open,close])
  • Aircraft Avoidance System
  • Telescope (through AOS, FLAO)
  • Space command acknowledge
Task of LAN:
  • Launch laser
    • focus (manual calibration sequence), input from LGSWFS
    • offload flexure, input from LGSWFS
    • stabilize laser beams (position neutral), vibration system
Started up:
  • LM1 nominal, error-> warning
  • PM nominal, error-> warning
  • Foc nominal, error-> warning
  • shutter LM1 open, error-> warning
  • shutter LM2 open, error-> warning
  • Vibration on, error-> warning
  • laser shutter closed, error-> close shutter
  • Laser system must be running
  • Telescope must point and track
  • Pointing must be acknowledged by space command
  • AAS must be running
  • Motors must be nominal and operational
any error leads to close the shutter
  • vibration system could be running -> laser beams are stabilized
  • lgsw could be running -> offloading and focusing is possible
The latest version of this FSM can be found in the Argos repository as an UXF file. For viewing and editing the FSM, the open-source tool UMLet is necessary. The FSM of the LaunchController looks like this:

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