The following calibration devices are available:
  1. Calibration swing arm
  2. White light source (mounted at calibration swing arm)
  3. Diode source (mounted at calibration swing arm)

Access Options

The following options make sense for controlling the calibration devices:


  • Pro:
    1. The intuitive location because the OSS TCS subsystem is responsible for swing arms in general.
    2. All instruments are able to use the calibration devices via TCS.
  • Contra:
    1. The TCS software engineers are forced to write low-level device drivers

Argos Arbitrator

  • Pro:
    1. The Arbitrator provides a central interface for accessing the calibration devices. It is possible to have a ICE interface to maximize accessibility.
    2. The Arbitrator coordinates the calibration devices.
    3. The arbitrator uses proven low-level device drivers.
  • Contra:
    1. The Argos workstation with the Arbitrator needs to be powered up.
    2. It is mandatory that one Arbitrator runs for every telescope side.

Calibration Subsystem CAL

  • Pro:
    1. The calibration subsystem CAL will have a similar state machine like the other subsystems like LAS and LGSW.
    2. The calibration subsystem can provide via an ICE interface access to the devices for other instruments.
    3. No Argos Arbitrator is mandatory.
    4. The other instruments must get to know the subsystem state machine.
  • Contra:
    1. The Argos software engineers will spend a lot of time to write this subsystem.
    2. It is required that the Argos workstations are powered up.

Direct Access To The Devices

  • Pro:
    1. No supervisor program is necessary, i.e. no programming work for Argos software engineers. Other instrument groups can find the manuals for writing low-level drivers on this wiki.
  • Contra:
    1. Every instrument group is forced to develop low-level drivers by their own.
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