You can find details about the workstation in the public Argos wiki.

Workstation Dell R510

  1. data sheet
  2. The following Argos workstations are of this type: dx-lgsw, dx-lalas and sx-lalas.

Workstation Dell R520

  1. Data sheet
  2. The following Argos workstations use these workstation type: sx-lgsw.


Network Configuration

An example for the network configuration can be found in the repository, e.g. for sx.lalas (site/lbt/sx-lalas/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts)


NIC MAC IPv4 bonding?
em1 D4:AE:52:78:EE:4A no
em2 D4:AE:52:78:EE:4B no
p1p1 00:10:18:D2:AE:4C bond0
p1p2 00:10:18:D2:AE:4E bond0
p2p1 00:10:18:CD:E3:10 bond0
p2p2 00:10:18:CD:E3:12 bond0
The network services like SSH or VNC are reachable via IP address


NIC MAC IPv4 bonding?
em1 D4:AE:52:76:34:81 no
em2 D4:AE:52:76:34:82 no
p1p1 00:10:18:D2:AE:1C bond0
p1p2 00:10:18:D2:AE:1E bond0
p2p1 00:10:18:CD:E9:90 bond0
p2p2 00:10:18:CD:E9:92 bond0
The user can access network services like SSH or VNC via the IP address


NIC MAC IPv4 bonding?
em1 90:B1:1C:1F:9C:44 bond0
em2 90:B1:1C:1F:9C:45 no
p1p1 00:10:18:FC:5E:50 bond0
p1p2 00:10:18:FC:5E:52 bond0
p2p1 00:10:18:FC:5E:14 bond0
p2p2 00:10:18:FC:5E:16 bond0


NIC MAC IPv4 bonding?
em1 90:B1:1C:3D:A2:E5 bond0
em2 90:B1:1C:3D:A2:E6 no
p1p1 00:10:18:F7:80:04 bond0
p1p2 00:10:18:F7:80:05 bond0
p4p1 00:10:18:F6:93:32 bond0
p4p2 00:10:18:F6:93:33 bond0

Other Workstations

Hostname IP Account Purpose Location Type
borellitmp DNS only usual account simulation environment & commissioning data backup Faraday Dell R???
destro DNS only usual account Jenkins Faraday Dell Optiplex 990
swing arm laptop ?? argos laptop to access swing arm Details LBT IBM Thinkpad

Lalas Graphics Cards

The Lalas workstation has a poor card, namely MGA G200eW WPCM450 from the company Matrox. This reduces the screen resolution of the VGA output to 1280x1024. Other people have similar problems with this Matrox card:
There are two solutions to have high resolution on the Lalas workstation:
  1. Create a screen in a virtual frame buffer and expose it via VNC.
  2. Plug-in a powerful graphics card.

CentOS 6

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