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TMS Core Calculations and Algorithms

This page details the essential decisions made in the TMS software when calculating a TMS correction.

John Hill's Notes on PSF Pointing Offset correction for TMS

Quick Note on including PSF Mode3 Pointing Offset in TMS Reference Offset.

In Reference = - measured_zero - poff_zero - inst_zero

poff_zero is what I added today

In Correction = measured_now + poff_now + inst_now + pcorr_now - pcorr_zero + bending_now - bending_zero + Reference

which becomes: Correction = measured(now-zero) + poff(now-zero) + inst(now-zero) + pcorr(now-zero) + bending(now-zero)

Where the vectors are: "measured" is TMS measured correction from Yang's code "poff" is the PSF-commanded mode3 Pointing Offset "inst" is the PSF-commanded Instrument Offset "pcorr" is the elevation pointing correction to keep TMS in range "bending" is the PSF-commanded piston associated with Z11/Z22 correction

Of course, you will ask why pcorr_zero and bending_zero are in the Correction and not in the Reference? This is because we were developing equations to put them into XYZrXrY space, and it was easier to keep all the equations in the same routine.

No PSF LUT vectors are included in the corrections to Correction, although the mode3 Pointing Offset are computed from the difference between left and right pointing models.
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