TMS Meeting Minutes, August 28, 2020 (this summary may be partial and incomplete, so all are welcome to edit it)

Attendees: Andrew, Breann, Heejoo, John, Matthieu, Trenton, Yang (Zoom meeting)

Meeting discussion summary:

  • First of all, we have some continued discussions on pose/change of pose calculation with missing channel information:
    • Following discussion between Andrew and Joel (GMTO), we have another option. This option calculates the "acceleration of pose" (Andrew's term). That is, we do not explicitly reconstruct missing channel information (from permanently stored reference and incoming measurements). Instead we compute "reference change of pose" at reference step (difference of pose between incoming channel information and permanent channel information). At each step, we no longer compute change of pose, but acceleration of pose (first new change of pose on incoming data with regards to permanent channel information, and then difference between this new change of pose and the reference change of pose, i.e., the change of change of pose, hence the acceleration of pose). The acceleration of pose will become the initial TMS correction vector. This works because of the property that the change of pose calculated on all valid channel combinations with regards to a permanent reference will be the same. Again a detailed definition will be given in a separate document later.
    • We agreed on implementing this "acceleration of pose" design in our TMS software. Yang will investigate the details and prototype it.
    • We also agreed on storing the incoming channel measurement information as well in each reference step, so that should we need it, we can reconstruct the missing channel information using Andrew's method.
  • Trenton showed some analysis results on TMS with elevation changes. Andrew and John provided some comments and feedback.
  • Heejoo sent the extracted LBT telemetry data matching the first TMS test.
  • We also discussed some on-going work in comparing the Ciddor corrections between Trenton and Yang's programs. The choice of floating point calculation may be a factor in the differences we have seen. Trenton will continue to explore some of these topics. Yang will also work on this when needed.
  • Heejoo discussed plans to visit the mountain at some point in the near future for some TMS related work.
  • Andrew discussed several interesting ideas related to optics and image assessment/analysis.

Action Items:

  • Yang will make some progress on TMS software prototype and hopefull will be able to provide some estimates next time.
  • Heejoo will plan his possible upcoming trip to the mountain.
  • Andrew to continue to look at the TMS test data (with the newly available LBT telemetry).
  • Trenton and Yang will continue to work on Ciddor correction investigation/Jacobian matrix code comparison etc.
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