TMS Meeting Minutes, July 30, 2020

Attendees: Heejoo, John, Matthieu, Trenton, Yang (Zoom meeting)

Meeting discussion summary:

  • Heejoo discussed some of the plans for processing the recently acquired TMS data with Trenton. It just got started and will be ongoing for a while.
  • Several people are busy with various deadlines, particularly SPIE papers due. Heejoo showed several draft SPIE papers he and others are preparing. Anyone interested in these and do not yet have access to them can contact Heejoo for a preview copy.
  • The bulk of the rest of the meeting is devoted to software plans for the next several weeks.
    • As John pointed out, the best time for daytime TMS testing during the SSD would be the next two weeks as the telescope is mostly idling at zenith. After this period, the telescope schedule will become busy and we might not be able to obtain much time.
    • Here is our current plan for the near future:
      • Yang will finish and verify the Ciddor correction module in Python (more on this later).
      • Yang will finish and verify the inverse kinematics transformation code.
      • Yang will assemble the following modules together:
        1. Receiving realtime raw measurements over the TCP server continuously.
        2. Perform Ciddor correction on the received data.
        3. Perform the Jocobian matrix transformation to receive the intended target data.
        4. Plug in the above results into the current existing TMS code so it will work as before (except we changed our data acquisition and some post-processing on the acquired data).
      • We will aim to complete the above steps in about a week, and then we will arrange to have some tests on the telescope.
      • John suggested we start with the mirror cell temperature, chamber humidity, and the weather station atmospheric pressure for use with the Ciddor correction. Yang will figure out the details of retrieving the realtime reading of these from the LBT TCS system's data dictionary.
      • We will also implement the ability to store the received raw TMS data as a new LBT telemetry stream. Yang will figure out the details. This does not have to be completed immediately though.
      • If we can complete the above tasks during the SSD, then that will be a big milestone. We will then discuss the next steps, which likely will involve restructuring the bulk of the software infrastructure.
    • Trenton presented some comparison on his Matlab Ciddor correction code with Yang's Python code (on the 1000 data samples Yang created). The comparison showed some concerns as the two codes will have in general ~10^-6 difference. So further investigation is needed. As a next step in the analysis, Yang will perform analysis on the intermediate steps in the Python code with another comparison with Trenton's code.

Action Items:

  • Mostly for Yang to create the necessary software components as discussed.
  • Yang will also keep investigating the Python Ciddor correction code, with the help of Trenton and Heejoo.
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