TMS Meeting Minutes, July 02, 2020 (this is a software specific meeting)

Attendees: Andrew, Breann, Heejoo, John, Matthieu, Trenton, Yang (Zoom meeting)

Meeting discussion summary:

  • Clarify how to receive the "raw" measurements data over a TCP link. After consulting Etalon engineer, we will be using the command "measurelengthwithrawdata" to retrieve the raw data. However the "preshotlength" parameter is necessary to the previous command, which is a rough estimation of the measurements. We will use our "permanent" reference length for that purpose.
  • Clarify that the Ciddor correction will happen after the raw data retrieval and before the inverse kinematics calculation.
  • We will need to determine what LBT telemetry data to use for the Ciddor correction. We had some discussions, but no conclusion was reached in the meeting.
  • Some additional discussion on defining formally various important terms for the TMS system, such as "permanent reference," "working reference," "pose," etc. Andrew and John had converged on most parts. A document will later be circulated within the group for review.
  • We also discussed on setting up some time for Yang to experiment with the Multiline TCP measurement data command.
  • It is decided for the short term (next few weeks), Yang will work on a very rough software version, whose purpose is to put together the new functionality and be able to test them relatively quickly. In longer term, Yang will more carefully design and develop the necessary infrastructure for a robust, flexible, and modular TMS software.
  • We discussed the need to prepare "milestone," "goals," and "detailed plans." We will iterate such plans using emails within the group.

Some action items:

  • Andrew and John will reach agreement on important terms and concepts in the TMS system, and then circulate them in the group.
  • Andrew and John will discuss and reach some decisions on the LBT telemetry to use for vacuum correction.
  • Yang will work with Heejoo to set up some time to experiment with the Multiline TCP command.
  • Yang will work on the quick/rough TMS software version with the aim to make it ready for testing soon.
  • All will participate on "milestone" discussion and review.
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