TMS Meeting Minutes, June 4, 2020 (this is a software specific meeting).

Attendees: Andrew, Heejoo, John, Trenton, Matthieu, Yang (Zoom meeting)

Meeting agenda summary:

  • Overall TMS software structural refactoring and reorganization. We agreed that the current TMS software can be refactored to be more streamlined, robust, and more maintainable. However this issues will mostly be handled by the software group internally.

  • Real time telemetry correction for temperature/pressure/humidity.
    1. We will do the correction ourselves (instead of asking the Etalon software to do it).
    2. We wish to store the raw uncorrected data, along with the corrected data for future references.
    3. We will study the current LBT telemetry stream and decide which sensor data to use, and how to process such data to be more usable for TMS raw data correction.
    4. Find the reference paper by Philip E. Ciddor on "Refractive index of air: new equations for the visible and near infrared."

  • Jacobian Matrix Transformation. The main item we discussed was to formally define a procedure for data sanity check and to define an algorithm to determine whether the post-sanity checked data is sufficient to proceed.
    1. Some rough ideas concerning data sanity check:
      1. Readings must not be NaN (not a number).
      2. Must not be an outlier (say must be <5% deviation of the reference value).
    2. Some rough ideas concerning minimal data set check:
      1. Need at least three retro-reflector data.
      2. Need at least six channel data.
      3. Also need to satisfy certain combinations (e.g., at least one channel per retro-reflector, etc.).
    3. The software shall allow manual channel selection (perhaps through some configuration setup).

  • Closed-dome test. We also discussed the plan to perform some closed-dome test.
    1. The software shall be ready before the closed-dome test (at least the functionality with regards to the test).
    2. Propose what to do in these tests and the expectation.

  • Test suites for TMS software development. This is mainly intended to be used for software development for checking the correctness independent of actual TMS data supply and operations. We agreed on relying on the next closed-dome tests as a first inital step to check the software. But more may be needed later on (to be discussed in the future).

  • Impact on software caused by expanding TMS operation to bino-LBC and/or other instruments in the future. All have agreed this is not a big issue and the same structure can be employed and reused with some minor tweaks in the future.

Action Items:

  • Yang will start making some progress on TMS software in preparation for the next closed-dome test need.
  • Matthieu to provide Andrew and Heejoo access instructions to the LBT telemetry data (via the DMS system).
  • Andrew will take an initial look at the LBT telemetry data and provide some initial impression and plan.
    • Here is a link to Andrew's initial impression, and the initial plan.
  • Heejoo provided the Ciddor reference paper, which is attached at the end of this page.
  • Formally define the procedure and criteria for data sanity and condition check as discussed in the agenda.
  • Write down a description of the closed-dome test procedures.
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