Please note that the following notes apply to the MySQL database version of telemetry collection.
This page does not apply testing telemetry since the end of January-2013.

Switching the DBMS on tel-test between testing and restoration instances

Here are the procedures for switching the DBMS on between the one that supports testing the TCS on the test cluster and the one that supports the recovery of the Telemetry data store. Since the restoration instance is a hack, its instance cannot be started and stopped as by the service command.

Converting from testing instance to restoration instance

1) Stop the DBMS service.

[root@tel-test ~] service mysqld stop

2) Put the restoration my.cnf file in /etc.

[root@tel-test] ~] cp my.cnf.restore /etc/my.cnf

3) Start the DBMS.

[root@tel-test ~] mysqld_safe &

Converting from restoration instance to testing instance

1) Stop the DBMS. The password is the standard telemetry root password.

[root@tel-test ~] mysqladmin --user=root -p shutdown

2) Put the testing my.cnf file in /etc.

[root@tel-test ~] cp my.cnf.test /etc/my.cnf

3) Start the DBMS service.

[root@tel-test ~] service mysqld start

-- TonyEdgin - 10 May 2012
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