Please note that the following notes apply to the MySQL database version of telemetry collection.
This page does not apply to any telemetry data collected since the end of January-2013.

Telemetry Command Line Access

Here's how you do it from the command line.

curl ""

This will retrieve all of the telescope temperature samples recorded after 4809523691 MJD-TAI(s). The quotes are required to let sh know that & is part of the command instead of a command separator. Furthermore, in a URL spaces are not allowed. They must be replaced with a +.

The URL acts like a function call with the function name being and the function arguments being source=/daq/thermal+computer, from=4809523691 and format=text/csv. The function arguments are not positional, they are passed by name, so the source parameter is set to /daq/thermal+computer, the from parameter to 4809523691, and the format to text/csv.

Here is the full help.

-- TonyEdgin - 05 Apr 2012
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