TMS Meeting Minutes, March 16, 2023

Attendees: Andrew, Christian, John, Olga, Trenton, Yang (Zoom Meeting)

Lost Two Channels:
  • Mirror panic at horizon, because of the mirror cell; in this case, the mirror cell tends to fall forward
  • Two collimators were in the worst position to experience
  • Lost two channels on Sx side, 28 and 29
  • Suggestion for Joon to pick up work on a sensitivity analysis of Jacobian and Inverse Jacobian matrix
  • Discussion on the IssueTrak involving the collimators falling off
  • We will absolutely produce a fix by shortening the collimator safety tethers to ensure they can not hang over the mirror CA
AIWFS from Dr. Gaston Baudat:
  • Discussion about the applicability of AIWFS machine learning algorithm to the LBT
  • AIWFS is able to compute misalignments and other errors in the system in near-realtime using a pre-computed PSF basis
  • Andrew recommends putting together a white paper with Dr. Baudat to propose AIWFS for use on LBT
  • Suggesting a phased approach proving the effectiveness of AIWFS at LBT
  • Dr. Baudat benefits immensely from LBTO using his software at the observatory
  • The intagible benefit to Gaston is huge, and LBTO could benefit greatly from implementing this technology
  • Heejoo wonders about some operational logistics, namely, how much improvement will AIWFS really improve performance
  • Andrew recalls the papers he helped write on VST using in-focs
  • Andrew suggests using a proof case with the Gregorian system and use AIWFS to control alignment of the Gregorian telescope while running a Shack-Hartmann in closed loop
  • You could also have AIWFS predicting the appropriate re-alignment while running the adaptive optics system
  • Christian suggests that he could send Gaston maps of aberrations and see how AIWFS handles these maps
  • Andrew recommends showing a direct comparison between the effectiveness of FPIA versus the convergence of AIWFS for correcting misalignment
  • Christian notes that it will take a little while to get there, but we can work on the agreement with Dr. Baudat; Christian is working on convincing the LBTO director of the efficacy of AIWFS
  • Regarding sending models, we discussed what optical models we need to send to Gaston for him to make his h(PSF) machine learning model
  • Specifically, we'll want to send the LBC model for red and blue, and we'll send the Gregorian MODS model
  • It sounds like the LUCI model is lost... we'll look into this
LBC Use, Telescope Dormant:
  • The telescope has been used only 1.5 hours this week
  • No LBC time this week, looks like
  • There also may be use of LBC's tomorrow night, where TMS will likely be run
  • Olga noted that there is time on the 21st for LBC's, so TMS may be used
  • The thermal test is on-hold for now, as there are other engineering tasks that take prior
  • Olga reminds us that the idea is to collect extra-focal pupils while running TMS actively and pump thermals on the mirror, while looking at a near polar target
  • The idea is to minimize the work TMS has to do and focus on attributing the TMS measurement to mirror thermal
  • Andrew notes that even a few hours is great
GMTO Contribution:
  • Andrew is of the opinion that GMTO should probably ante up for TMS; they are benefiting substantially
  • Christian spoke to them about this recently
  • GMTO review panel cited the contributions of TMS as highly important for the advancement of GMT

-- TrentonBrendel - 16 Mar 2023
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