TMS Meeting Minutes, September 29, 2022

Attendees: Andrew, Christian, Heejoo, John, Olga, Trenton, Yang (Zoom Meeting)

Andrew's Comments on Collimator Stability:
  • Andrew suggests that the collimator mounts should be re-engineered so that we don't have these rocking issues
  • This is a necessary upgrade path for LBT, and Andrew suggests that GMTO should pay for it
  • Andrew wonders if a three ball coupling would greatly improve the kinematic constraint on the mount
  • Heejoo suggests looking into the minimum viable change to improve performance of the mounts, and then implement this on the most problematic mounts
  • Heejoo to reach out to Patricio to obtain the CAD model of the invar plates so he can model these improvements accurately
September 26th TMS Testing:
  • During testing, two channels on Dx (2 and 4) dropped below elevation angles of 50 degrees, likely from collimator mount rocking
  • There were sporadic drops in Ch. 5, resulting in a failed pose calculation
  • At the lowest angle of 45 degrees, Ch. 21 dropped on the Sx side
  • From testing data, it appears that the TMS worked quite well over the course of the night up to an elevation of 45 degrees, at which point channels were dropped
  • There were some hiccups from spurious (outlier) image quality data from LBCr
  • Red started behaving badly around 10.3, when the IQ became worse than blue and stayed worse until 11.3 UT
  • Olga noted that there may have been some cases where TMS made a correction while the shutter was open (contrary to the dictates included in the updated code)
  • John notes that corrections were only happening every few minutes, not during times when the shutter was open, so the code was working correctly
  • Andrew notes that TMS is doing a useful amount of correction on these time intervals
  • However, John argues that TMS isn't actually applying too much correction
  • Olga notes that, from the cumulative Zernikes, the numbers grew to more than 500 nm at times
  • Looking closer at the cumzern plots, there were some interesting jumps noted, but nothing too out of the ordinary
-- TrentonBrendel - 29 Sep 2022
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