TMS Meeting Minutes, December 1, 2022

Attendees: Andrew, Heejoo, John, Olga, Trenton, Yang (Zoom Meeting)
  • No major TMS updates last week, no LBC chance over the holiday
TMS Channel Dropping Test
  • The TMS Channel Dropping test will take place tonight (early morning tomorrow)
  • Test base functionality to ensure we have enough channels on each side
  • Then, drop channels one by one on each side until we reach the minimum channel count (six per side)
  • To do this, we will probably need 2 or 3 different elevation science targets (Olga to pick the targets for tracking)
  • We have about 3-4 hours of time available
  • Andrew suggests running TMS at one elevation and then dropping a channel after we have moved to a new target elevation
  • Andrew argues that we should not have to run FPIA each time we change to a new elevation target
  • Specifically, Andrew reminds us that the primary motivating factor for using TMS is so that we don't have to run FPIA upon obtaining a new target
  • Olga notes that we are describing two separate tasks:
  • 1. We are determining how well TMS works upon acquiring a new target without running FPIA
  • 2. Controlled channel dropping while running TMS to see the behavior of the channel dropping algorithm
  • Andrew expresses some surprise that the default so far has been to run FPIA upon acquiring a target no matter whether TMS is running or not
  • Christian noted that there has been an over abundance of FPIA runs out of habit, betraying a sort of lack of trust in TMS
  • In a case where we drop a channel on elevation change, we may need to work out how much the jump in TMS correction is to determine whether or not FPIA must be run
  • Yang notes that in the current mode, if any measurement does not agree with the reference (fewer channel numbers than the reference) then this measurement will be ignored
  • When you turn on the missing channel mode (new algorithm), the software will be able to handle a smaller subset of channels than those included in the reference
  • This new mode can also handle the addition of channels
  • Yang implemented Andrew's most recent proposal for the channel dropping algorithm
  • Yang remarks that there is a small issue where, if you change elevation and lose a channel, you may not want to go back to the previous reference because it will not be correct for the new elevation
  • This functionality is not fully implemented in the present state of the software
  • Andrew remarks that we need to flag this as something to work out as we are implementing this new channel dropping algorithm
  • Our current TMS software does not do any correction during exposure; either John or Yang added a flag on the command to prevent TMS corrections during exposure
  • Andrew wonders if we should measure the tracking error by measuring jitter on the field during an exposure by delaying the tracking
  • Andrew thinks that having jumps at certain times along a trace of multiple bright objects could be very interesting to see
  • Andrew likes the idea of smearing stars out intentionally
  • The team will meet at the LBTO polycom at around 1 AM
  • OIga thinks that, if we want to look for jumps, we may want to observe the objects sidereally
  • In this way, we could also get some fringe science benefits

  • Possibility of having a PhD student from INAF joining our team to learn about TMS
  • Andrew has been pushing to have a system like TMS on the MAURI instrument

  • For tonight, there are other plans for ECD
  • Plans to reconfigure from LUCI to LBC at 7:36 UT (few minutes after midnight)
  • Test from 00:35 AM until about 4:00 AM MDT
  • Andrew would like to request that, after we confirm the basic functionality, we test for about half an hour turning on and off channel dropping on the fly
  • Running through sequences of channel dropping over an extended period will give Andrew all the information he needs
  • Andrew also proposes putting a dial gauge on the collimator mounts to put in a deterministic misalignment for testing
  • Andrew suggests that the OSC and/or the Mirror Lab purchase an Etalon MultiLine system

-- TrentonBrendel - 01 Dec 2022
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