TMS Meeting Minutes, November 10, 2022

Attendees: Andrew, Heejoo, John, Olga, Trenton, Yang (Zoom Meeting)

TMS Alignment Campaign and Mount Considerations
  • The mountain crew spent almost three days, four hours a day to re-align the TMS collimators
  • Though many of the channels have returned, the signal intensity is quite low for some channels
  • After alignment, there are 8 channels on the Sx side [17 19 20 21 22 23 24 26] and 9 channels on the Dx side [2 4 5 6 10 11 12 13 15]
  • Though we are still losing some channels at low elevation, we now have redundancy channels so we can afford to drop 2 or 3
  • Heejoo wants to run the active loop test every two weeks so that there are no suprises with missing channels during the observation nights
  • Heejoo believes that it is likely the misalignments were caused by the power bump and the mirrors dropping
  • Heejoo intends to do active loop testing every week or other week to ensure we haven't lost many channels
  • Heejoo proposes that we use hot glue on the side of the magnetic base to help secure the magnetic mounts and make them more stable
  • John remarks that a continuous bead of hot glue around the magnetic mounts is unacceptable
  • John thinks that the issue, rather, lies in the adjustment of the magnetic mount
  • There are particular concerns about the amount of stress that would be induced on the mirror edge with changes to the magnetic mount force
  • Andrew and John are in agreement that we only need a few dots of hot glue, one dab at each corner, not a continuous bead
  • John suggests that we have Patricio talk to the guys on the mountain who are doing the adjustments to the mounts
  • Andrew advocates that we should try using the hot glue to minimize vibrations and misalignments of the mounts
  • Heejoo will follow up with Patricio to see if he would be willing to have a video conference with the LBTO engineers who conduct alignments
Channel Dropping Tests
  • Heejoo will send Yang an email to schedule the channel dropping test for early next week
  • Andrew confirms that there is a basic functionality of channel dropping we need to confirm work
  • Specifically, Andrew notes that a long and unexpected pause between measurements with changes to the telescope might be a case where channel dropping shouldn't be applied
  • Andrew proposes some sort of timeout for channel dropping where we don't apply the correction
  • Yang suggests that we start by clearly defining the conditions under which the channel dropping algorithm shouldn't be applied
  • John reminds the group that there are conditions under which the new, clever timeout algorithm will fail; he suggests including the conditional to timeout from the last measurement that passed the std. dev. filter
  • John also reminds Andrew that we already have a feature that prevents TMS corrections when the shutter is open, and this timeout feature might negatively interact with the shutter check
  • John notes that the telescope schedule is completely booked for next week, but there could be winter storm nighttime availability
  • If it's only cloudy and windy, then using LBC while closed is probably a no go, but if there is 6 inches of ice on the dome, closed-dome LBC will be accessible
  • The team is up for doing nighttime testing if the opportunity presents itself (given that a call is made)
LBC Sheduling
  • The OSURC run starts Saturday and goes for four nights, and it's likely they will use the LBC towards the end of the run
  • Most likely opportunity will be an opportunistic chance for poor weather availability of LBC during closed-dome

-- TrentonBrendel - 10 Nov 2022
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