TMS Meeting Minutes, November 3, 2022

Attendees: Andrew, Heejoo, Olga, Trenton, Yang (Zoom Meeting)

Heejoo's Updates
  • There are currently not enough channels to make a full laser truss
  • We lost many channels since we last aligned things
  • Heejoo suspects the power bump may be the culprit, but it's possible the change of seasons may have impacted alignment
  • There doesn't seem to be a sweet spot where enough channels come back
  • When adusting to a specific angle, some collimators lost while others gained
  • WiFi connection issues on the mountain prevented the team from working on alignment this week
  • The WiFi issues will be resolved and the alignment will be improved next Monday
  • Heejoo suggests adjusting the mountain mechanism by using hot glue to attach the mounts
  • We still need to have the ability to breakaway the mounts
  • Andrew endorses this idea, as he feels that the hot glue could help minimize vibration while still allowing breakaway
  • Heejoo will discuss this idea with John to see if it is acceptable
  • Goal is to have two redundancy channels on each side
Channel Dropping
  • Andrew curious about where we are at with channel dropping algorithm
  • The daytime testing has not yet been completed for the algorithm
  • Andrew contends this should be number one on the things to do list
  • He feels we have ironed out all the bugs and that we should be ready to test things
  • Yang confirms the software is ready to go; planning to work with Heejoo to schedule testing once alignment completed
Andrew's Updates
  • Been flying around the world doing laser tracker measurements
LBC Nights
  • Olga states that there have been two nights without TMS
  • Andrew wants to look at the difference between nights when we have not run TMS and when we have run TMS
  • Interested in seeing how often image quality forced the OSA to run FPIA and how much aberration was observed in FPIA, etc.
  • Olga will work offline to add FPIA logs to the logging procedures
  • doHybrid log has exactly the same name as the WRS log, and Olga is working to make things more automatic
  • One of the benefits of running TMS over long periods of time is getting all sorts of different thermal conditions
  • If we were to use LBC tomorrow night, there would be some strong gradients from the current weather system
Thermal Modeling
  • No major updates
  • Trenton dealing with licensing issues
  • He's working with the Ansys User Group to get things sorted
  • Ivan Rakich to begin working with Trenton on FEA modeling

-- TrentonBrendel - 03 Nov 2022
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