TMS Meeting Minutes, September 22, 2022

Attendees: Andrew, Christian, Heejoo, John, Olga, Trenton, Yang (Zoom Meeting)

Daytime TMS Testing:
  • Heejoo had a chance to process the daytime testing post TMS re-install from 2022.09.09
  • Missing Ch. 4 on the Dx side consistently
  • Translation X, Rx, and Ry give the exact numbers we commanded on the mirror
  • MultiLine crash occurred around one hour in; the error message we saw was one we haven't seen in quite some time
  • After recovery, we started active mode and moved the telescoppe to lower elevation to see if we lost any channels
  • On Dx, when we moved to an elevation of 50 degrees, we lost channel 2 (which wasn't included in the reference)
  • At elevation angle 30, a new reference was made to try to recover Ch. 2 but we were not able to recover the channel
  • Finally, went back to 90 degrees and were able to recover Ch. 2 in the reference
  • On Sx, we lost Ch. 21 at elevation 30 degrees
  • Went back to 40 degrees, took a new reference, and were unable to recover Ch. 21
  • It seems Ch. 2 and Ch. 21 are borderline aligned, so they tend to fall away when we rotate towards the horizon
  • Andrew suggests boxing the measurements, meaning trying to get them in the middle of the alignment range
  • Trenton also noted that there is some residual slop in the magnetic collimator mounts, which could contribute to these dropoffs
  • Andrew remarks that we need more stable mounts in the future
  • Based on the results of the test:
  • On Dx side, not going to use Ch. 2 (drop from elevation) and Ch. 4 (no good)
  • On Sx side, not going to use Ch. 21 (drop from elevation) and Ch. 27 (no good)
Channel Dropping Discussion:
  • We must continue conducting our channel dropping tests
  • From the last test, we are still digesting the data, but we have not found conclusive results as to the usability of the new channel dropping algorithm
  • Andrew notes that the failure of the channel dropping algorithm occurs in odd and uncommon error modes
  • In the testing so far, it appears that the algorithm is performing fairly well and dropping channels gracefully with no sudden jumps
  • Heejoo suggests that we should conduct a daytime test with the telescope slowly slewing to simulate tracking a star, which may result in some jumps
  • We should also look into what happens at low elevations where we anticipate drops to occur with greater frequency
Upcoming Testing:
  • John let everyone know that the telescope is completely, 100% booked during the day for the next two weeks straight through
  • There may be some rainy nights in October when no one is using the telescope when we may be able to get to it
  • The retros that were on the secondary rotator hub have been removed
  • Heejoo to reach out to Yang about channel dropping testing
LBT On-Sky w/ Active TMS:
  • There are a few checkout tasks remaining, including checking out LBC with TMS on sky
  • This may be done in a few hours on Saturday night, but this night is shared with PEPSI, so it's unlikely we will be able get to it this weekend
  • OSURC has a run starting Sunday, 9/25, for four nights of observing, plus Thursday and they will probably be using the LBC's
  • There is another engineering slot on Wednesday night, but it is shared with the PEPSI project, so we may not get to LBC b/c reconfiguring is not efficient
  • There are half nights coming up Oct. 8 and Oct. 10th
Possibility of Collaborating with Ansys and Phoenix Analysis and Design Technologies Inc.
  • Trenton has contacts at PADT and Ansys who have expressed interest in the work we are doing with thermal modeling of the LBT primaries
  • He plans to reach out the PADT and Ansys to encourage collaboration on this work and get some professional help
  • ALSO, the Wyant College Ansys user group is starting next week, so there will be plenty of chances for collaboration and learning within this environment as well
  • Exciting times!
-- TrentonBrendel - 22 Sep 2022
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