TMS Meeting Minutes, September 2, 2021

Attendees: Andrew, Heejoo, John, Olga, Trenton, Yang (Zoom Meeting)

Andrew's Thermal Analysis
  • [fill in from recording]
  • In the next TMS paper, it will be well worth commenting on the value of measuring and aligning large borosilicate mirrors with thermal dynamics
  • With this new thermal understanding, we come upon new vistas, with a whole new outlook on the possibilities
TMS Testing in the Coming Week
  • Olga has stated that there is a chance the LBC's will be used tonight
  • The LBC comes up quite early in the startup period
  • Plan tonight is to run a checkout of the MODS AGW's for alignment, and then to go to the LBC's
  • Heejoo planning to run TCP/IP, so he will prepare the MultiLine PC to run this
  • Yang available after 8 PM, and depending on when the LBC is going to be used
  • Heejoo asks that Yang turn on the system once the LBC's are on
  • Barry is assigned to run the telescope tonight, and Olga is available to help him work the TCP/IP interface
  • There were some issues last night, but Heejoo cycled the power and the system is back up
  • Olga expects the MODS alignment to take about three hours; Andrew requests that Olga ask Barry to email to alert us when the LBC swing arms are in place and the system collimated
  • Yang requests that we just call him if there are any problems encountered
  • Barry expected to take sky flights at some point tonight

  • When would be a good time to produce the LBC pointing model?
  • Well, 40% chance of thunderstorms every night, so we never know if we'll be open or closed
  • If we get any chance at all to go on-sky, it would be great to use TMS in active mode for the commissioning phase with science-like imaging
  • The first thing Barry does will be to take an image to make sure LBC is alive
  • Further down the priority list is active TMS, once a sharp image and good collimation is achieved

  • Constructing new LBC pointing model requires doing astrometry on the images, which means it is hard to do this with defocused images
  • To get a pointing model for LBC, the team would like to use TMS in passive mode instead of active mode
  • TMS has proven to work some of the time in active mode while slewing from target to target and attempting to hold focus

J. Hill: Here's the dealio. There are 10 days of startup engineering time. There are 4 days of activities that MUST HAPPEN for the team to do science. Because of the 40% thunderstorm chance, there is a chance that they may not even get through all of the necessary tasks, let alone TMS procedures.

  • In order to commission TMS, we need to block out some of the engineering (ECD) time specifically for commissioning TMS
  • We need to have a representative who is championing the needs of TMS via submission of forms for engineering nights
  • In the meantime, processing the closed dome measurements to ensure that the system is working as expected

-- TrentonBrendel - 02 Sep 2021

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