TMS Meeting Minutes, May 27, 2021

Attendees: Andrew, Breann, Heejoo, John, Matthieu, Olga, Trenton, Yang (Zoom Meeting)

Bino Code Test (last Tue.)
  • Simple test, with minor parameter changes
  • Low intensity on three channels following last alignment (max gain applied, highly fluctuating distance signal/noise)
  • Yang's code was successful at filtering out this amplified noise
  • 7 channels SX side, 8 channels DX side
  • Heejoo planning to ask LeRoy to help with realigning low intensity channels
  • Using channels from both sides was okay, and the compensation parameter application was successful (mirror perturbation applied)
  • Heejoo did not have a chance to run all of Heejoo's tests
  • Andrew requests cross talk terms from the tests that were run (if 1 mm applied on X, how much in Y, RX, RY, etc.)
  • Yang suggested that we might be able to run all of the proposed tests automatically
  • Yang is also working on the data extraction code
  • Andrew's Q: If we've got a noisy channel in our reference, how are we currently handling that situation? Is there a case in which we can decide a channel is no longer sufficient and obtain a new reference.
    • Andrew suggests that we should add a cutoff for channels which should not be included in the reference
    • Yang is currently refactoring the software, so there is potentially an option to incorporate something like this
    • However, John contends that we do not want to automatically drop noisy channels in the middle of a measurement
  • John's Point: We can't just keep adding features to the software. We need to run it and gain some observational experience with it.
  • No "port is closed" issues this past week (Yay!)
  • Heejoo asked Mark how often the error happened during their testing (haven't heard back yet)
  • Heejoo asked if anyone on the mountain has a kill-a-watt for our power consumption measurements
Commissioning Document
  • Andrew has been chipping away at it
  • Andrew to send out a document for everyone else to contribute to tonight
  • Aim to have something ready and complete enough by the end of next week
  • To Andrew's understanding, we know have a software that basically works, and we are ready to go on-sky with some engineering time at first
  • Engineering time: 30th of May (allocated as a Director's Night)
    • Olga to fill out a formal request for engineering time
  • Next, we would like to have a document ready for internal review
  • After the internal review, we would like to start sending the commissioning document to interested observers for shared-risk observing
  • Ideas like defocused observing, etc.
  • Plan is to run TMS in a stable config, run FPIA beforehand and afterwards to see the performance maintenance
  • Defocus offset and gather pupils will using TMS to hold defocus
  • Breann requests using the LBT DIMM while using TMS to see if we can measure LBT PSSN for low-order atmosphere changes (need simultaneous atmosphere contribution)
    • John is not very confident in the accuracy of the DIMM ("The DIMM just has problems.")
    • One of the problems is sensitivity
    • The DIMM has very poor absolute accuracy, but it is useful for measuring the relative trend in seeing over time
    • This trend measurement could still be useful for the PSSN calculations
    • The actual seeing could be backed out via modeling, so absolute DIMM measurements are not critical
    • Breann to send a request to Christian
  • Olga suggests using MODS on one side and LBC on the other to improve the situation (though will have to contend with dome-seeing)
    • Could, instead, use the guider images to get some idea of atmosphere
  • Just taking LBC images with an offset and an estimate of seeing shouldn't take long and could be useful

  • Mike Wagner is currently working on the summer schedule
  • Trenton will be heading up the mountain with Heejoo to work on TMS, remove the system, reinstall the system, etc.

-- TrentonBrendel - 27 May 2021
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