TMS Meeting Minutes, March 4, 2021

Attendees: Andrew, Breann, Heejoo, John, Olga, Yang (Zoom Meeting)

TMS Test, February 27:
  • Some issues were encountered (Z22 instability, poor thermals, TCP-IP dropout, TMS applying entire PSF pointing correction incorrectly)
  • Andrew requests a diagnostic tool to see which particular channels are dropped at a given time
  • Yang planning to incorporate this functionality into the extraction utility when able
  • Some issues with the standard deviation filter being potentially too restrictive
  • 2 microns was doing alright on this night, dropping only occassionally, but we may want to move to a larger cutoff around 5 microns for more general conditions
  • Andrew requests we use 5 microns (Yang planning to update the wiki page to indicate how to change this cutoff filter on the fly)
  • With side by side comparisons of timestamps on the DMS datastream and the TMS correction vectors, the repetition rate of TMS is about 20 sec to 1 minute
  • It appears that the TMS std. dev. filter is working fine
  • Overall, a good test, would be useful to have more time in better conditions
  • Bit of book keeping needed for the pointing offset (John needs an hour or so to look at the code)
  • Andrew notes that there is a potential conflict between the TMS system and the telescope thermal lookup table
  • TMS controls Z in a way that the lookup table does not correct for, and does so in a way that actually nullifes the lookup table correction
Software Update:
  • Heejoo planning to install the new software update tomorrow and running the TCP/IP error check at Yang's earliest convenience
  • Planning to also test running the software for a long period and testing again
Mountain Visit:
  • Heejoo wrapping up some projects, then planning to head up
  • Primary focus is to set up collimators on the SX side
  • Andrew would like to run some test with the solid retros to demonstrate a useful signal close and far
  • Would be good to have some engineering time on TMS while Heejoo is visiting so he can provide hands on support
  • Next engineering night is Sunday, the 26th of March
  • Heejoo is aiming for the middle of March for for collimator install
  • Director's night on the 13th of March, which we might be able to make use of (Heejoo planning to reach out)
  • Edmund Optics and Thorlabs currently working on finalizing designs to meet Heejoo's needs
  • Looks like it will be another 2 weeks or so
  • Planning to send prototypes once a design is selected
  • No numbers on the budget yet
  • Hoping to use this off-the-shelf solution to cut down on cost
  • Heejoo has one solid collimator in hand, planning to get the other one from Mike soon
Next Chance for LBC:
  • March 10-12 and 14th will likely have LBC used a lot, so this could present a good window of opportunity

-- TrentonBrendel - 04 Mar 2021
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