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TMS Overview

TMS is the Telescope Metrology System used on LBT.

TMS Operation

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TMS Software System

The current TMS software system consists of a mixture of Python/Perl programs as well as several supporting infrastructure such as the LBT TCS data dictionary subsystem for telemetry data support, and the Etalon software for sensor readout and management. So far, the procedures of TMS correction only applies to one-sided LBC. But eventually it will be able to handle binocular LBCs as well as other instruments in the future. The Python/Perl programs are mainly used for high-level coordination and sensor data manipulation and transformation. They are the main parts of the TMS software system. An overview of the software structure and the coordination and data transformation is given in a sketch shown below:

TMS software sketch.svg

Kinematics analysis data sanity check criteria

The data we receive from the sensors are basically a vector of numbers. Each number is from a particular channel, and each channel is from a particular retro-reflector. To determine whether we can proceed to the kinematics analysis, we will need to check whether this vector of numbers we receive satisfy the following conditions:
  • Each number is indeed a number (i.e., not a NaN value).
  • Each number is not an outlier (e.g., within 1% of the reference value). Note: we are still finalizing the threshold on this check, and the definition of reference value is being defined as well. More precise definition will come soon...
  • Each retro-reflector will have at least one channel data.
  • A total of six channel data is required.

TMS Software Requirements

The TMS software requirements page details the functional requirements of the TMS software system.

TMS Core Calculations and Decisions

The TMS Core page details the important decisions and calculations made in the TMS software.

Instructions for running the experimental TMS Software on "robs"

See the page Running (experimental) TMS on robs for details.

Simple Instructions for the Mountain Crew

TMS notes has the simple instructions used by the mountain crew for turning on/off, disconnecting lasers, etc.

Meeting Minutes

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LBC Red Thermal Analysis 2.pdfpdf LBC Red Thermal Analysis 2.pdf manage 637 K 09 Jul 2020 - 23:53 TrentonBrendel Thermal analysis of the LBC Red + M1 optical system.
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TMS Meeting Notes June 25 2020.pdfpdf TMS Meeting Notes June 25 2020.pdf manage 105 K 29 Jun 2020 - 18:34 TrentonBrendel TMS Meeting Notes June 25 2020
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