Summer Shutdown 2024 activities planning

system description when duration contact complete
wiki wiki moves behind VPN, implication to public pages flexible tbd SH  
dms fedora40 flexible 1 day MB  
luci alma9 install flexible 2 days GE  
luci network reconfig flexible ? GE, SH  
obs stations alma9 / conda-forge / etc - needs a clear plan obs345 + 12, robs1/2 later ? there is an old f34 in 507     SH, YZ  
allsky new / speedier usb extender / baud rate Not possible? Update IT   LD  
azcam azcam linux alma9     PG  
OAC oac VM, alma9     PG  
tcs 2024A and deps, Qt5 maybe     LD  
tcs quote new machines     LD  
VM sim VMs establish naming etc     GE, MB  
VM re-commission hv01/02 in tucson, redundancy at mountain, quote new servers     LD  
VM backup, address VEAAM, backblaze limbo state     SH  
termserv1 vault client mutli-user OS update     SH  
CR Tucson UPS new batteries / replacement     SH  
VPN upgrade       SH  
NAS move old Synology from tucson to mountain     SH  
NAS new Synology tucson, quote extensions     LD  
Core Network complete the migration to new core switch at mountain     SH  
tcs add SSD to TCS 1/2 for refmem auto-dump 24/7 - 1 TB is plenty enough (2TB could be same $$$ or cheaper?) may not be needed, use existing /home/tcs TBC (next ECD)   MB  
OVMS SD securely stored until the system comes back, create backup copies of the SD     LD  
CR-B iLocater rack allocation (vs. shark-nir)     LD  
CR-x updated before/after rack assignment     LD  


  • Upgrade luci.luci/lucix.luci from CentOS 7 to Alma Linux 9. Testing progress available at LUCI install procedures.
  • Network: S.Hooper previously expressed interest in an overall reconfiguration of the LUCI private address space. It might be useful to have LUCI1, LUCI2, and Lab configured to have separate netmasks. Currently, they are at intervals of 10 (,,, which is not netmask-able.

Old entries from 2023 to be revised

system description when duration contact complete
lib-telemetry Telemetry library using OS hdf5 flexible 1.0 days MB YES
core switch replace old units flexible 3 days SH, LD, DE
dns migrate to linux flexible 1 day SH
synology sw/fw upgrade flexible 1 day DE
tucson nas migrate to new unit flexible 1 day SH,DE
lss TCS patch for event floods flexible 1 day PG
azcam server Upgrade to latest MLesser win10 flexible 1 day PG
mods vm Ugrade to latest OSU - if available flexible 1 day YZ
dms fedora38 and latest patched flexible 1 day MB YES
ahs/ims migrate to alma9 flexible 1 day MB YES
pms-lasair migrate to alma9 flexible 1 day MB YES
dimm telemetry using NAS flexible 1 day TBD
dimm computer in CR + PCIe card flexible 5 day SH
allsky replace nas job flexible 1 day MB YES
oac gcc bug fixes flexible 1 day PG

Old entries from 2022 to be revised

ENG Summer Shutdown Task Request

MODS (Jerry Mason email 2022/06/21

  • mods2: the RAID 1 mirror array seems to break every time the machine is rebooted, so this time I am rebuilding it using drives sda and sdc, and leaving sdb as the spare. The sdb drive should be permanently replaced – sometime. A summer shutdown task, maybe?
  • mods1: I can’t see the “correct” mods1 machine on the eight port Raritan; the one I do see on the Raritan is labeled “down” and grayed out; I assume that is the unbootable mods1 that was mistakenly used as mods1 last week, and that needs to be returned to OSU for repair or replacement. I would like to make sure that the working mods1 is in good health, but I can’t until it is connected to the Raritan.
  • It would also be good to get the 16-port Raritan installed and configured in the rack eventually, so that all of the MODS computers are visible. Another summer shutdown task, maybe.


  • Synology
    • Firmware update mountain/Tucson
    • Need LeRoy on standby for mountain in case we get a reprise of the split-brain
    • PSU swap from Tucson to Mountain
    • Complete depopulation of old Tucson Synology, move pieces to the mountain.
  • Core switch upgrade
    • Last year was a mess with AO folks.
    • Request 2 days for no network in the plan
  • Mountain DNS change and upgrade
    • will probably happen before SSD
  • Obs stations reconfiguration, replacement
    • 5 stations at each Tucson, Mountain
    • removing the argos station, no reply from Linc Nirvana yet ...
    • wasted unused SSD space.. see IT8902. grow /dev/sdb to full extent, /dev/sda unused also has 256GB, come up with a scheme.
  • DIMM new card?
  • AllSky new fiber extender ?
  • dms mountain/tucson swap - physical at mountain, vm at tucson - best timing in Aug
  • iLocater PEPSI wrap (to be lead by Al Conrad/Mtn/ENG? not IT)


  • Create, test, and release new lib-telemetry RPMs, now that we know that the HDF5 patch is only needed for 1.10.0 <= HDF5 version <= 1.10.3. Completed
  • migrate IMS/AHS to alma9
  • upgrade DMS to f38


  • reconciliate anemometers hw on sx/dx to use the same baud rate (ideally, if h/w allows, not very critical)
  • spare adsec commissioning
  • AO cabinet switches replacement ?


  • New AZCAM s/w update
    • Need new DNS entries for new azcamserver virtual machine.
    • Test each new AGW connection individually.
    • add an SSD task, maybe best during Telescope restart.

Recurring tasks

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