Summer Shutdown 2018



  • Consolidate OVMS software onto TCS machines
any pb? old box. replace box - vm ? could do
  • Upgrade ASA firewalls on the mountain
Adaptive Security Appliance (cisco) - pending for few years. Must buy them, 2x ~5K (convenient time to do it)
  • Upgrade Obs machines to 64-bit CentOS 7 (displays/etc. have to match)
Too big a task for now? 6x summit, 5x tucson obs1 - operator machine obs6 - not used very open
  • Move from shared home directories to local accounts and directories on Obs machines
get rid of nfs, AD/LDAP (Active directory) what about user home? need review what's the current situation. individual user (joe.d) vs. operation user (telescope)
  • Change TCS telemetry and log locations to remove NFS dependencies
/lbt/data/... gluster vs. nfs+rsync, issue with who restart, maintain - peer to peer
  • Removal of tcs3 from running TCS machines cluster -- no replacement, or frozen software.
ecs laptop / dog-house - dep to tcs cluster (shared memory ring) used to close the shutter when net down. when that happened, tc3 actually did not allow that, done by `hand` - lkup #IT PLC panel ? doesn't have one - maybe should David Carol - safety issue
  • DIMM computer upgrade, potential move to CRA/CRB from telescope.
old box, centos 4 (tbc), move to compute room (possible?) camera link? adapter to fiber? s/w is ready.
  • Upgrade
LBC blue cabinet switch - red has been upgraded. there is an #IT lkup.
  • Storage work, in whatever form we decide is most appropriate. At the very least we should upgrade the Synology firmware. This will require that we shut down all VMs as well as downtime for all shared directories served by the Synology.
upgrade f/w (DSM) for TUCSON - maybe take 2 cycles (depending of version). 15mn/unit/tries


  • SOUL - need a test computer, jumbo frame, need a computer for power backplane upgrade
We have spare already. too old? Backup? e.g., IDL 7.2 centos 5.5 to be recycled ? 6.7 SOUL and other (current) 64bitd current is 7.3 tucson "analysis" server used for AO? It has been agreed already
  • new bcu2k (ocam 2k) end to end test, but zero slopes Afio/fabio would do that? Julian C activity ?


  • git/rpm/kickstart - stage 1
git to svn - 1 step, exception like AO and branches ..... tcs test case, others
  • centos/fedora 32/64bits
  • cluster deep introspection


  • IT6933 - update OVMS RACKTANGLE firmware to support 12 cards
ovms+ ? not approved yet, working on proposal
  • LBC new dataprobes firmware update to latest precision version
if issue remain, switch to brand new one / brand ?
  • I don't see any reason to move the OVMS application to a TCS computer - they are unrelated.
  • The DIMM computer is not ready to be moved to the computer room. The last status was the following:
-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject:    Re: DIMM computer replacement
Date:    Mon, 18 Jul 2016 15:29:05 -0700
From:    Kellee Summers <>
To:    Stephen Hooper <>
CC: <>

Well, since it has been on the "replacement" list for a long time, it seems we should make a plan.  Maybe not for this year, but soon.  Maybe we can make some headway this summer by checking out some things.

I am not qualified to help with issues of fiber/copper cable runs.  But, I would think we should plan to do something like this:
-- get a new PC that works with the current frame-grabber card and current connections to the electronics box
   (Is the current holdup because a new PC will not work with the current frame grabber card? PCI issues?)
-- rebuild the DIMM software for that configuration and test the camera
-- get the updated hardware that should allow the computer to be in the computer room
-- test that configuration with the computer still in the tree house, if possible
-- if it works, move the computer to the computer room
-- if it doesn't, keep the computer in the tree house with the older hardware

If we cannot get a new PC that works with the current frame grabber card, maybe we can get the new hardware (frame grabber card and PC) and test it alongside the old hardware - moving the connection back and forth to test the camera.

.. Kellee

On 07/18/2016 01:21 PM, Stephen Hooper wrote:
> It is probably feasible, but would require going and getting another quote, and it would be best to plan to see how we want the upgrade to proceed: replacing the computer where it sits, or replacing the computer and moving it down to the second level -- in which case different parts may be needed for both the computer side, and for the DIMM side.
> Our fallback plan, in case of damage to the DIMM computer and not the frame-grabber card, would be to remove the card from the computer, put it in one of the spare LBC machines, mount it, and blow the dimm computer image on to it.  Assuming that was all Ok, we could maybe do it in less than a day, but I would be hesitant to say so.


  • compile and install TCS with Qt5 (will allow better graphs with qtcharts,..)
qt5 for AO experience - check with Xianyu AO was qt3 to qt4 What charts? replace matlab? ENG night, bring up, then swap new release


  • M/ new LAT (mount / new laser alignment telescope) for pointing point model Laser alignment telescope used for ARGOS
  • globe for Allsky camera w. Leroy
  • weather sensors calibrarion (vaisala)


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