Status Server Software

The LBTO status server -- -- will be a convenient \x93one-stop\x94 web application for determining many important health indicators for the observatory.

Included are camera links, host and network up/down indicators, instrument housekeeping information, etc. The LBT System Status web page follows a similar web-based output as the CFHT Status Server main page, but with different internal infrastructure. The interface mechanism employs INDI.


TCS/Instrument Alarm States

The status server is like a web-based alarm handler. The main page provides a quick-look at overall observatory status.

An indialh driver was created to provide the status server the TCS, instrument, and facility alarm states.


Some graphs will be displayed on the status server page - for example, the last hour of data for a component.
Will these be INDI graphs? If so, we need to define which data these are for, and create INDI "history" properties for each and do logging in the DDS driver.

Will the "canned" telemetry graphs be displayed from this main page? Or just include a link?

Notes on other pages

Software Notes

INDI process running on web1

%CODE{lang="sh"}% web 4256 1 0 Jul23 ? 00:19:15 /bin/sh /web/statserv/html/indi_ao/graphs/collectGraphData web 17250 1 1 Aug20 ? 07:39:11 /web/modules/INDI/bin/indiserver -l /web/modules/INDI/logs/IS ./indialh LBTO@ OVMS@ indi_flao_sx_ccd39@ indi_flao_sx_ccd47@ indi_flao_sx_wfs_msgd@ indi_flao_sx_wfsbcu@ indi_flao_sx_adsec_msgd@ indi_flao_dx_ccd39@ indi_flao_dx_ccd47@ indi_flao_dx_wfs_msgd@ indi_flao_dx_wfsbcu@ indi_flao_dx_adsec_msgd@ web 25158 17250 3 Sep04 ? 06:11:50 ./indialh root 25581 1 0 Aug26 ? 00:00:00 /usr/bin/su - web /web/modules/INDI/bin/runindi web 25583 25581 0 Aug26 ? 00:03:24 -bash /web/modules/INDI/bin/runindi web 28846 1 3 Sep10 ? 01:33:53 /web/statserv/cgi-bin/indi.fcgi +age=2 +reconnects=100 +log=/web/server/logs/indi.fcgi.log +host=localhost:7624 %ENDCODE%
I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
CFHTStatusServerDaytime.pngpng CFHTStatusServerDaytime.png manage 242 K 12 Jan 2017 - 20:30 UnknownUser Snapshot of the CFHT main status server page
LBTOStatusServer.pngpng LBTOStatusServer.png manage 384 K 08 May 2017 - 19:52 UnknownUser LBTO status server page
StatusServerArchitectureINDI.jpgjpg StatusServerArchitectureINDI.jpg manage 2 MB 08 May 2017 - 19:54 UnknownUser Proposed INDI architecture
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