Software Release Notes for Build "2014C"

Release Date: June 13, 2014
Generic Release Name: 2014C
General Description:

Telescope Operator Overview Information

  • PCS: Raised the declination of the circumpolar target used for "putting the telescope to bed". This is to fix (really) IT#4611!
  • ECS/ECSGUI: Reworked the severity codes (data dictionary items) in the ECS subsystem, particularly to include the "intentional" category. The intentional category is for situations where the hardware has been deliberately put into a non-standard mode. The ECSGUI now has its breadcrumbs (ECS eyebrow and navigational buttons) colored according to the severity codes in the ECS subsystem. Red, yellow, and green still mean "Error", Warning", and "OK" respectively. Medium cyan (blue) means "Intentional". The "intentional code applies in the following situations: Subsystem is DISABLED (versus ENABLED), Control is MANUAL (versus AUTOMATIC), and Mode is LOCAL (versus REMOTE).
  • PMCGUI, PSFGUI, IIFGUI: These GUIs now support color coded 'bread crumb' buttons to lead the operator to the correct subform that displays an error.

Support Astronomer Overview Information

  • none

The Details

New Functionality Tests that need to be performed with the Telescope

  • none

Patches to the Release

  • AOS: A patch was installed on 01 July 2014 to resolve IT#5231. The error was due to a software bug: a DD variable was not properly zeroed at start. The bug was fired on June 13 when switching off the Adsec: it happened in the middle of a stop command so that the command remained engaged forever.
  • PCS: A new pointing kernel, TPK Version 2.3, was installed for use on 07 July 2014. The new kernel is comprised of new versions of SLALIB, TCSPK, and TPK.
  • MCS: The spelling of 'mcsTelemetryFlag' was corrected on 25 July 2014 so telemetry can be disabled.
  • ECS: See the ECS section below for the details.

Known Bugs

  • none

Release Overview

  • none

IIF list of Public Data Dictionary Variables

Operating System, System Configuration, TCS and Hardware Computers

TCS Servers / Workstations

  • none

jet computer, DSP, FPGA

  • none


  • none


  • none

TCS Subsystems and GUIs, and significant configuration files

AGw control server

  • none

Azcamserver and controller computers

  • azcamserver
    • Gain=5 for all ARC cameras. (LUCI_L, LUIC_R, MODS_L, MODS_R)

AOS - Adaptive Optics

    • none

DDS - Data Dictionary Server

  • DDS Version 1.3
    • Generate severity codes for the alarm handler.

    • none

ECS - Enclosure Control

  • ECS Version 4.0 (Patch)
    • Many subsystem changes as implemented by Dan to accommodate upgrades to the hardware and/or the PLC done during the summer shutdown. A list of these changes is pending. While these changes were done as a patch to the TCS 2014C build, the changes are significant. Hence, the version change from 3.2 to 4.0.
    • Modified the severity logic for the chillers. There are three conditions (low flow, pressure, and failure to cool) which apply only to the "selected" chiller; these conditions were reported on the ECSGUI, but they were not used in setting the severity flags for the individual chillers. As such, the ALH was not reporting the problem - fixed.
    • Modified the level of severity for the latch stations. Since a single latch station cannot be put into MODE = LOCAL in order to disable the station (which indicates an intentional situation), the latch station has its BREAKER = OPEN instead. The BREAKER = OPEN and MODE = (REMOTE | LOCAL) is considered an "intentional" situation.

  • ECS Version 3.2a
    • Reworked the severity codes in many of the ECS subsystems, particularly to add the "intentional" code. This is used for instances where the hardware has been put into a mode which is not considered nominal or standard. This does NOT mean there is necessarily something wrong with the system. It is just meant to highlight the subsystem is not using the nominal settings. Due to the inclusion of "intentional", modified the logic for the severity roll-up, re-organized code, and cleaned up typos. Added comments for explanation of the applied severity codes.

  • ECSGUI Version 3.1e (Patch - includes 3.1d update)
    • Added capability of invoking a child dialog or opening an additional details panel on the ECSGUI. This is directly for support of the ALH where it is desired to open the main window or dialog which is associated with an ALH channel in alarm.
    • Added a singleshot timer to ensure the ECSGUI is updated immediately after the constructor runs. This is to hide the main window when it is desired to invoke only the child dialog.
    • Finished the migration of the ECSGUI from using its own internal event handling and reporting system (which populated the ECSGUI message box) to using the TCS Event handling and LSS system. The GAlarmPage class was not only the ECSGUI event handling system, but it also was the original implementation of the breadcrumb navigation for the GUI. Both of these major functionalities have been superceded by TCS conformant utilities/algorithms.
    • The labelled tabs are now hidden to remove some clutter from the ECSGUI. The subsystem buttons or ECSGUI "eyebrow" at the top of the dialog is used for navigation, making the tabs unnecessary. Done as a request from users.
    • Modified the Instrument Cooling Telescope Temperatures dialog to include an additional eight displays to accommodate swing arm thermocouples on the prime focus and secondary swing arms.
    • Added a new dialog to the Instrument Cooling to accommodate the Cooling station feedback. There are twelve cooling stations per telescope side with each cooling station reporting differential temperature, flow, and heat load.
    • Modified the latch station logic when Breaker = OPEN and Mode = anything, this is an Intentional severity condition. This is in contrast to other devices where the Breaker = OPEN and Mode = LOCAL must both be set to be the intentional severity condition.

  • ECSGUI Version 3.1c (Patch)
    • Corrected a bug introduced during clean up of code for the control valves only (not modulating valves). When the valve fails to open or close on command, the status (OPEN/CLOSED) and operational mode (MANUAL/AUTOMATIC) indicators did not contain any text. The indicators were only colored correctly for the condition. Further, the control buttons were enabled which would make one construe that the operational mode was MANUAL. This incorrect view would only be found on the Valve subpanels of the various ECS subsystems.

  • ECSGUI Version 3.1b (Patch)
    • Modified the ECSGUI to accept an additional command line argument which represents the requested tab on the ECSGUI upon a new invocation. If there is no request for a tab, then the GUI opens to the tab set at design-time. The invocation is "ECSGUI [read_write] [tabName]" where the items in brackets are optional. The "read_write" is a keyword which opens the ECSGUI in read/write mode; the lack of this keyword opens the GUI in read-only mode. The "tabName" is the name of the requested tabbed page (e.g., chillers, dampers). This change was done, in particular, in support of the process buttons of the Alarm Handler.

  • ECSGUI Version 3.1a
    • Implemented use the ECS subsystem severity codes in support of the GUI breadcrumbs (ECS "eyebrow" and navigational buttons). Modified the color-coding to accommodate the "intentional" severity. The intentional settings are applied to the situations listed below and are color-coded a medium cyan (blue). This color was chosen to be "close to" Green which indicates the OK situation.
      • Subsystem: DISABLED versus ENABLED
      • Control: MANUAL versus AUTOMATIC
      • Mode: LOCAL versus REMOTE

ENV - Environmental Sensors

  • ENV Version 1.20
    • Add severity variables for 'front' and 'rear' LBT weather.
    • Put telemetry control variables in reflective memory, and add command to enable/disable telemetry.
    • Add severity variables for telemetry.

  • ENVGUI Version 2.6
    • Use severity variables to color weather data.
    • Display telemetry status, and add telemetry enable/disable button.

FACSUM - Facility Summary

IIF - Instrument Interface

  • IIF Version 8.26
    • Remove TCSSendWavefront from the build.
    • Correct spelling of Offset sounds.
    • Add severity variable for simulator.
    • Add severity variables for telemetry.
    • Put telemetry control variables in reflective memory, and add command to enable/disable telemetry.

  • IIFGUI Version 4.8
    • Use severity values to color widgets where appropriate.
    • Color buttons for 'bread crumbs'.
    • Add telemetry status to control form, and add button to enable/disable telemetry.

GCS - Guiding Control

  • GCS_Version-2.17.0
    • Includes all changes from Ver-2.16.*
    • Corrected power-on check for MODS
    • Switched most of DD access to use TCSAccess from GCSMem
    • PEPSIPFU removed Fits header entries not related to WFS-ing. IT #5123
    • Added non-sid/sid Fits keyword to Acq/Guide images.
    • Added config directory configuration/PUBLIC/20140504_mods2
    • Enabled NON-SID Probe correction MODS_L.
    • Corrected severity initialization.
    • Switched DD access to use TCSAccess from GCSMem in AGWUnit.cpp.
    • MODS added left NON-SID probe acquisition and guiding corrected motion.
    • Switched DD access to use TCSAccess from GCSMem in GCS.cpp.
    • Changed AGw filter WL notification to PCS before computeKFPCoordinates (on preset), IT #4887.
    • Corrected in WFS getWFSInterval() with TCSAccess
    • Cosmetic cleanup in Guiding adjustExposureTime.
    • Cosmetic cleanup in WFS adjustExposureTime.
    • Added reflective memory DD variables(2+4) more for 2014C.
    • Added severity stubs.
    • Merged, corrected FSCALE and FWHM_scale_arcs to FSCALE, IT# 5202, IT #5199.
    • Added diagnostic checks for join() method used for StopGuiding, IT #4959
    • Separated handles for PCS communication, added checks for handle state, IT #2375.
    • MODS added mods_getstatus check during initialization.
    • MODS added mods_init with ON option during power status check.
    • Changed to 10 decimal places in the log for the weights.
    • Corrected MODS transform.
  • GCSGUI Version
    • none

LSS - Logging and Events

  • LSS Version
    • none

    • none

MCS / mcstemp - Mount Control

    • none

OSS - Optical Support

  • OSS Version 3.6
    • Add side name (for tertiary) and component name (for secondary and tertiary) to (almost) all SYSLOG messages in Secondary, Tertiary, and Umac classes to enhance debugging information.
    • Put packet send() inside loop in Umac::SendPacket() and optionally resend the packet on recv() timeouts (EGAIN or Would block). Previously the recv() was re-tried, but without resending the packet. IssueTraks 4680 and 5085.
    • Add top level OSS client, and rename 'Subsystem' to 'OSS' in interfaces and commands to match standard subsystem.
    • Add commands enableDebug() and enableTelemetry().
    • Remove unused SwingArm class.
    • Make simulation a warning severity.
    • Do not use severity values as event priorities.
    • Use method Severity::maxSeverity() when rolling up severities.
    • Add telemetry severity.

  • OSSGUI Version 3.5
    • Add telemetry status and telemetry enable/disable control.

PCS - Pointing Control

  • PCS Version 6.30
    • Raised the declination of the circumpolar target used for "putting the telescope to bed". This is to fix (really) IT#4611!
    • Added a pragma definition around the Polynomial structure in the PCS to address an issue found when PCS is running on a 64-bit machine and MCSPU is running on a 32-bit machine. PCS sends MCSPU an array of rotator polynomials (each polynomial consists of four doubles and one integer). The data needed to be packed properly as the data is sent as a string via an RPC.
    • Fixed "description" string in an event - Removed the ":" in PMTermWarning.
    • Added the PCS subsystem level severity data dictionary item, pcs.severity, which is inialized to Severity::ok. While this data dictionary item exists, no logic has been implemented in the PCS at this time to give it real meaning.

    • none

Pointing Kernel / Pointing Kernel tools

  • TPK Version 2.3 was installed for use on 07 July 2014. The new kernel is comprised of new versions of SLALIB, TCSPK, and TPK.

PMC - Primary Mirror Cell

  • PMC Version 5.31
    • Improve and extend severity generation logic.
    • Add new severity variables for air pressure, hardpoints, total forces, and temperature sensors.
    • Add intentional status for thermal sensors disabled in config file.
    • Increase the time for a mirror move to start from 4 to 5 seconds to allow more time for VxWorks to respond if it is busy (IssueTrak 5085).
    • Improve event messages for actuator force monitor warnings/errors.
    • Clean up checking for mirror panics during command wait processing.
    • Add EnableClearC00 command.
    • Optionally clear C00 on panic recovery.
    • Update Software Reference Manual for commands enableTelemetry and enableClearC00.

  • PMCGUI Version 6.7
    • Add command display to servo loop form.
    • Use subsystem calculated severity variables to color GUI.
    • Turn buttons red/yellow/blue for 'bread crumb' error tracing.
    • Display and enable/disable clear C00 on panic recovery flag.
    • Update Software User's Manual and online help for changes in manual control form and thermal details form, and add description of 'Bread Crumb' button colors.

PSF - Point Spread Function

  • PSF Version 6.7
    • Add loop to PSF to issue primary mirror wavefront update if last one is too old. The age is controlled by a configuration variable. IssueTrak 5169.
    • Clean up primary mirror collimation flag to eliminate spurious collimation position errors. IssueTrak 5090.
    • Generate severity values for GUI color control.

  • PSFGUI Version 6.6
    • Use severity values to color widgets where appropriate.
    • Change button colors to implement 'bread crumbs' which guide the user to the right form on error conditions.

TCSGUI Version

  • none

WEATHERSTATION - Weather Station

TCS Common Software

commandreturn - client command status returns

  • none

commandsequencer - client/subsystem command handling

  • none

core - foundation routines

  • Add static method Severity::maxSeverity() to find highest severity of two arguments.
  • Add method Thread::join(void *) to provide clean wrapper around pthread_join().

datadictionary - reflective memory and event support

  • none

eventhandler - event handling

  • none

networkconfig - subsystem management

  • Write message to SYSLOG if syslogserver can't open the log file.
  • Pass command IP to 'rpcconfig stop' in networkserver so only requested rpcserver thread will stop.

reflectivememory - global shared memory

  • none

rpc - communication protocol

  • Exit the rpcserver if a stop request results in the last server thread stopping.

setvalue - reflective memory access

  • none

tcs_config - tcs configuration

  • none

TCS Tools

DDEditor - Data Dictionary Editor

  • none

ddeditor - Data Dictionary Editor

  • none

DDBrowser - Data Dictionary Browser

  • none

DDViewer - Data Dictionary Viewer

  • none

EventEditor - Event Editor

  • none

eventeditor - Event Editor

  • none



  • none

Instruments and Environmental Sensors

DIMM - Differential Image Motion Monitor

  • none

IRTC - Infrared Test Camera

  • none


  • none


  • none

LBTO Weather Station

  • none

MAT - Mount Axilliary Telescope

  • none

OVMS - OPD Vibration Monitoring System

All Sky Monitor

  • none

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