Software Release Notes for Build "Lucifer Com2 v1"

Release Date: October 30, 2008
Generic Release Name: B14
Public Release Name: Lucifer Com2 v1

Patches to the Release

  • PMC Version 4.1
    The PMC was modified to support an lbt.conf variable ([left|right]PMCtelemetry) that controls whether telemetry data is sent to the collector. If the flag is false (the default), all the telemetry streams are still created, but the data is not sent. The variables can be changed while the PMC is running.
  • PSF Version 4.22
    The Z4 compensation from Z11 was changed to sqrt(15) as specified by Andrew.
  • PSF Version 4.23
    The Z4 compensation from Z11 was changed to 4.25 as specified by Andrew.
    Z4 compensation from Z22 was added with a coefficient of -22.90 as specified by Andrew.
  • PCS Version 3.26a
    Diagnostic data for the rotators has been added to the output mountPolys.txt file to aid in the diagnosis of the "no polys' problem associated with the rotators.

Known Bugs

  • none.

Operating System, System Configuration, TCS and Hardware Computers

TCS Servers / Workstations

  • All TCS servers are back online with lbtmu104 rejoining the cluster after having its memory and power supply replaced.
  • Server lbtmu105 was turned back on and rejoined the cluster after it was discovered it was mysteriously "shutdown".

agw-control computer

  • See the section, AGw control server.

jet computer, DSP, FPGA

  • The "jet" system board was replaced on Oct 14. All FPGAs were reloaded, the rpcserver started and the elevation encoders were reset. The old jet system board is currently in the spares cabinet on the 2nd floor off the control room.
  • Linux kernel panic's from "jet" will be dumped to lbtmu02.


  • On Nov 3rd
    • Both Cisco 4506 switches will be upgraded with new firmware.
    • The tree house Cisco 4506 will have a 48 port fiber connection board installed.
    • Only 4 (3 - 6) of the 6 trunk lines that run between the Cisco 4506s will remain operational at the recommendation of the Network Consultant. This is decision is based on the Cisco algorithm for trunk line utilization.
    • The Ciscos will be set up to route network traffic between the 10.144.0.x subnet and te 10.100.0.x subnet. This will allow the GCS to communicate with the AzCam without the need for the agw-computer to act as a router. Additionally, it allows the GCS to run on any of the TCS servers and to no longer be tied to lbtmu107.
  • By Nov 15th
    • Private fibers needed by Lucifer for equipment control and TCP/IP communication will be emplaced between the computer room and the large instrument lab. These fibers will mimic the fibers currently in place between the computer room and upper left tree house. These fibers will only be utilized by Lucifer while it is in the lab.


  • none.

TCS Subsystems and GUIs, and significant configuration files


  • Changed start_on option to start GCSL and GCSR on lbtmu107 instead of GCS.

AGw control server

  • On the night of Nov 3rd, the oaserver software will be converted into a daemon process and will therefore be automatically started when the agw-control computer is booted. when it is operating properly, this means the operations staff will no longer need to start and stop this process in order for the GCS to do its job.

AOS - Adaptive Optics

  • none.

ECS - Enclosure Control

  • none.

ENV - Environmental Sensors

  • none.

IIF / IRS - Instrument Interface

  • IIF Version 5.14
    • When the IIF is restarted it will keep the last authorized instrument. The only time the default instrument will be set is after a new build is installed when the reflective memory is cleared.

  • IIF Version 5.16
    • The Preset mode MODE_ACQUIRE is now fully supported. The IIF calls the appropriate GCS routines to position the guide probe and start the guide acquisition camera loop.
    • The IIF events have been slightly cleaned up, and "failed" events added for GetDEntry and GetMultiDDEntry commands to aid in diagnosing problems with instruments reading reflective memory.
    • If an IIF command fails (or returns a warning), all the CommandReturn results are now issued as events so the messages will be seen in the IIF GUI event display window. There will be one event for each CommandReturn result plus the normal event stating the command failed.

  • IRC / IRS
    • The IRC and IRS have been enhanced to support multiple client connections. This enhancement is not needed for "Lucifer Com2". It has been deployed at this time to provide some early testing and feedback. For it to be used at this time with items such as iraf and idl requires the client configuration files used by those items to be updated.
      • IRC - The modification is limited to the first line of the configuration file.
        New file, line 1
         DirtFactory.Proxy=DirtFactory:tcp -p 10000 -h irs -t 5500 #(milliseconds) 
        Old file, line 1
         Dirt.Proxy=Dirt:tcp -p 10000 -h irs -t 5500 #(milliseconds) 
      • IRS - The server configuration file has already been updated by the Software Group and should not be updated by others. The modification is limited to the first line of the configuration file.
        New file, line 1
         DirtFactory.Endpoints=tcp -p 10000 -h irs 
        Old file, line 1
         Dirt.Endpoints=tcp -p 10000 -h irs 

    • NOTE - As of Oct 30th...
      • The new version of the IRC / IRS is not compatible with the Lucifer instrument software and thus it cannot be used for "Lucifer Com2". During this pre comissioning test period, before using the Lucifer instrument software, the prior version of IRC / IRS (i.e., version B13) must be reinstated and made operational. Ask Norm Cushing, Stephen Hooper, or Jose Borelli for assistance when needing to revert to the prior version.
      • Norm Cushing has decided the Lucifer team will not be asked to upgrade the Lucifer software to use the new version of the IRC / IRS because of other on-going modifications to both the IRS and IIF that as of the time of these notes is not expected to be finished until after the start of "Lucifer Com2". The Lucifer team will be asked to upgrade the Lucifer software only after the on-going instrument interface changes are completed.

GCS - Guiding Control

The latest GCS has the following improvements. It contains all improvements in intermediate versions (unreleased patches) that never made it to the mountain in the prior build.

  • GCS internal release number 1.9.43
    Added movie mode to GCS, so IIF can support mode ACQUIRE
    • 081022
      • Added two new DD variables: isAcquiring and effMovieFrequency, which indicate if the ACQUIRE mode loop is running and how fast it is
      • Added server side support for mode ACQUIRE
      • Added client side support for mode ACQUIRE
      • Added two test programs to start and stop ACQUIRE mode
    • 081023
      • Tested and finalized server and client side of ACQUIRE mode modified WWPA centroiding function to support rectangular images enhanced the acquisition algorithm to look at the whole full readout if couldn't find the star as a last resort updated the Instrument2AGW.cfg to the latest style of authorizedInstrument reporting of IIF
      • Added a rerouting of stopGuiding to call stopAcquire is ACQUIRE mode is active to make things easier for Chris
    • 081024
      • Added support for automatic AGw selection based upon iif.side[0].authorizedInstrument and the config file Instrument2AGW.cfg (issue #1644)
      • Updated the Instrument2AGW.cfg file to reflect the most recent version of IIF

  • GCS internal release number 1.9.42
    Fixed issue 1752, sending Zernikes to PSF when loop was supposed to be paused
    • 081020
      • Added key value pairs to .info file for Zernikes, PUPIL_X and PUPIL_Y to identify where the pupil was expected and a flag to indicate if Zernikes where sent to PSF:ZERN2PSF fixed issue #1722, where slightly negative values where interpreted as an indication for a AGw unit error increased timeout when sending initial guide star offset to PCS to 30 seconds, the guide correction still times out after 0.5 seconds fixed issue #1751, where GCS died after unsuccessfully acquire a full CCD readout for acquisition.
      • Closed issue #1749, not finding a (large and) well visible star on the acquisition image

Another improvement is elimination of any dead zones on the acquisition image therefore improving the guide star detection.
GCS should now know which AGW unit to talk to. It automatically selects the proper unit with regularly used commands.

What has yet to be improved is not using a peak value to verify there is a star but to use the integrated counts across the star, as the initial acquisition is likely to be highly aberrated and the star's light is spread out a lot.

  • Added a window to the GCS GUI which appears showing the current full guide image whilst the gcs is in acquire mode.

LSS - Logging and Events

  • Removed loop from main which checks to see if netconfig is aware the LSS is running.

MCS / mcstemp - Mount Control

  • See the section above, "jet computer".

OSS - Optical Support

  • Added events to show where an error occurred in the tertiary mirror and a trace of the function calls.

PCS - Pointing Control

  • none.

Preset GUI

  • none.

Pointing Kernel / Pointing Kernel tools

  • none.

PMC - Primary Mirror Cell

  • PMC Version 4.0
    • Old telemetry hooks have been removed, and new telemetry established for AirPressure, Hardpoints, Mirror, Motors, ServoLoops, and Thermal. Actuator telemetry does not yet work. I expect to be modifying all this in the near future; this is mostly to see how it works on the mountain.

PSF - Point Spread Function

  • none.

SDB - Star Database

  • none.


  • Adapted network configuration code to allow the TCS GUI to start subsystems that are assigned to a specific machine.

WX - Weather Station

  • none.

TCS Common Software

Common Software

  • none.

gshmserver - global shared memory server

  • none.

gshmmonitor - global shared memory monitor

  • none.

gshmconfig - global shared memory configuration

  • none.

tcs_config - tcs configuration

  • none.

netconfig - network configuration

  • none.


  • The NetworkConfig::running() method has been modified to prevent sending garbage data to the network if the process ID is not recognized in the networkserver table. Instead, an error message is sent to both Syslog and stderr with the pid and computer name. This means that if a subsystem is started just by typing its name on a command line an error message will be issued.

networkserver - network server

  • none.

rpcserver - remote procedure call server

  • none.

rpcconfig - rpc configuration

  • none.

TCS Tools

DDEditor - Data Dictionary Editor

  • none.

DDBrowser - Data Dictionary Browser

  • none.

DDViewer - Data Dictionary Viewer

  • none.

Event Editor

  • none.



  • All telemetry syslog messages now begin with "telemetry:".


  • The first thermal report telemetry stream contained bogus data because the hardware hadn't been activated yet. This stream has been removed.

Instruments and Environmental Sensors

DIMM - Differential Image Monitor

  • none.


  • See above under the section, IIF / IRS.


  • See above under the section, IIF / IRS.

IRC - Infrared Test Camera Client

  • See above under the section, IIF / IRS.

LBC - LBT Binocular Camera

  • none.

LBTO Weather Station - 3DWGUI

  • none.

MAT - Mount Axillary Telescope

  • none.

Polaris Monitor

  • none.

-- NormCushing - 28 Oct 2008
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