SPIE 2018 notes

Austin, TX - 10th - 16th June 2018 From LBTO: BR, CV, GR, IS, JH, LF, ME, PK, XZ, ...



  • LSST & Git - follow with discussions with Tim Jenness ( To rebase..)
  • Kibana and ELK stack (ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana)
  • Python 2 is nearing end of life (support ends 2019?), we shall move to Python 3.x!
  • Grafana - analytics and monitoring
  • Redis - in memory database, used to store & access data
  • Kafka - stores & access data streams
  • PyRo5 - Python Remote Objects, redesigned
  • TMT AO locked during dithering
  • Green Flash - ESO project to build AO for E-ELT, did comparsion of ZeroMQ, MPI, DDS and ICE for remote data access and control, picked MPI and DDS
  • DesignCoaching - did some GUI for INAF, probably either CTA or some optical telescope
  • MEGARA GUI (IS will add more), uses JSky for displays
  • FCMaker Finding Chart Maker (on GitHb)
  • FITSh FITS arithmetic from command line, used by HAT et all (now also for TESS)
  • Apache Guacamole HTML 5 VNC & Remote Display, does not require client, used by VLT for evedroping of telescope operations (enables to grant access at given time to given user, all read(watch) only)
  • LCGO Developer site
  • ODI data portal
  • Mauna Kea seems to run a common portal for all mounain operations + organizes internal seminars, can we try something with MMT and Kitt Peak? (have to find common URL)
  • Bonjour/ZeroConf for automagical device discovery
  • openmbee provides a platform for modeling that utilizes the Model Management System


  • AMPTEK X-ray CCD
  • Siemens S7 Simatic (probably for E-ELT control)
  • LSO - Local Safety Unit, LCUs
  • LEDs for AAT calibration screen - Luxeon visible, Osram NIR, Everbright UV

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