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date repo Last Edit notes
2018-02-21 queue jastier Contains the Gemini software obtained in 2014, modified for use at a binocular observatory. Has current live trunk and quite a few dead branches.
2018-02-21 aosupervisor LorenzoBusoni all aosupervisors, including FLAO, ARGOS, LBTI, SOUL ......
2018-02-15 tcs pkubanek Telescope Control System, including GUI and core tools (reflective memory, RPC). All subsystems visible in TCSGUI have code there
2018-02-12 dimm ksummers Seeing monitor, runs on dimm computer
2018-02-06 mcspu pkubanek Mount Control System, runs on jet, talks to hardware
2018-02-05 tools pkubanek Various operations support tools. Includes DDS client, Status Server, Particle Monitors, Telemetry Visualization, h5csv, shutdown/startup for IT, mergelogs, etc.
2018-04-16 tools/telemetry-graph pkubanek Python script to plot telemetry files, used and is being developed
2018-04-06 tools/ns-generator pkubanek generates tesing Non Sidereal ephemerides
2018-02-06 tools/lbtconfdiff pkubanek Python script to compare TCS configuration files, usefull when deploying new TCS release
2018-01-22 tools/telem-viz ksummers web interface for HDF5 plotting, runs on
2018-01-05 tools/lbtswitcher pkubanek GUI to switch TCS releases
2017-09-27 tools/shutdown-startup ksummers shutdown scripts run during power losses, used on mountain
2017-07-14 tools/statserv ksummers web interface, runs and used
2017-02-08 tools/h5csv ksummers converts hdf5 file to CVS, used by the telem visualization tools and John Hill's tools; see Software/HDF5CSVTool
2016-12-05 tools/README-LBT-hdf5-1.10.txt ksummers readme file for LBT-hdf5-1.10.0.bz2
2016-12-02 tools/LBT-hdf5-1.10.0.bz2 ksummers LBT's local version of the HDF5 library version 1.10.0 (with local modification of HDF5 source code required for the telemetry collection library)
2016-04-26 tools/pms ksummers Lasair particle monitor telemetry application, see: Software/ParticleMonitoringSoftware
2016-04-26 tools/pms-apmon ksummers telemetry collection application for ApMon particle monitor, see: Software/ParticleMonitoringSoftware
2016-02-04 tools/ddsclient cbiddick used by the big displays (FACSUM and WEATHERSTATION) and TCS developers
2016-02-04 tools/iifclient cbiddick seems to be a test program, probably not used
2015-09-30 tools/teltimestamp cbiddick GUI to convert various used time formats (MJD, telemetry timestamps,..)
2014-12-03 tools/mergelogs ksummers merges logs, includes GUI to display and browse merged log
2013-07-17 tools/.build cbiddick scripts for building some tools, probably not used anymore
2013-07-17 tools/ddtools cbiddick should be removed, now part of TCS
2013-07-17 tools/sendcmd cbiddick test program, not used
2012-02-11 tools/colorlog pgrenz colorize the log and events messages for console display, not used anymore
2012-02-08 tools/tcsnet pgrenz probably not used
2011-12-05 tools/tai tedgin atomic time transformation (leap seconds), not used
2010-01-27 tools/ shooper a script to install packages, probably not used
2009-11-19 tools/getevent pgrenz not clear what is it for, does not seem to do anything useful
2009-11-19 tools/logevent pgrenz probably not being used
2009-10-29 tools/syslog shooper test program, not used
2009-04-20 tools/lssquery shooper not being used
2018-01-26 gsfinder pkubanek Guide * Finder - knows how to handle NOMAD, UCAC4 and UCAC5 catalogs. Lot of copy-and-paste code, should be simplified
2018-01-18 lbccontrol ksummers LBC control software and documentation
2018-01-17 AO_Checkout gtaylor few scripts and GUis, should be moved to aosupervisor.
2018-01-11 indi ksummers INDI infrastructure and LBTO's INDI drivers (alh, lbto, ovms)
2018-01-11 alh ksummers IOC code and ALH configuration files
2018-01-03 irtc pkubanek InfraRed Camera client, NSIGUI (NS hi-jack). NSIGUI shall be made part of TCS or separate project, IRTC stays
2018-01-03 guider dlmiller  
2017-12-19 ovms ksummers vibration monitoring system
2017-11-28 mods ksummers GCS's MODS interface library code; first MODS dump of code, but OSU is not maintaining it there
2017-11-25 argos_lch grahmer Gustavo's Laser Clearing House support code
2017-11-17 lbttools dlmiller IDL code that is loaded on obs machines for astronomers to work with
2017-11-02 tcsweb ksummers big displays code: FACSUM and WEATHERSTATION Qt GUIs
2017-10-06 oacontrol cbiddick The OA control server -- control software for AIP AGws
2017-09-29 observer_ui isola Scripts written by Dave T. for observers to run instruments with more ease
2017-07-07 pmc cbiddick VxWorks code for Primary Mirror Cells
2017-02-10 tpoint mdelapena tpoint tool - old now (new version exists but is not on mtn or in SVN).
2017-01-09 thermo cbiddick Thermocouple code -- this went to the PLC; no longer used
2017-01-09 mat cbiddick Mount Alignment Telescope code -- no longer used
2016-12-01 pk mdelapena Pointing Kernel
2016-11-17 aosupervisor.lbto xzhang aosupervisor with Centos7, Qt4
2016-11-13 dsps dcox code for DSPs on mount
2016-10-22 scriptor tsargent "LUCI scripting tool" -- -- Defunct
2016-10-13 telemetry cbiddick The telemetry collection library linked into the TCS, OVMS, DIMM, LUCI
2016-09-07 lbcwrs ksummers LBC offline image analysis code (replaces dofpia) - maintained by John and Olga, written by INAF
2016-09-04 argos_tbad grahmer Gustavo's Transponder Based Aircraft Detection code (vendor based?)
2016-06-07 scripts shooper some code from John Hill
2016-04-01 azcam ksummers AzCam server Python code and configuration files for all AzCams in use - LUCI, MODS, PEPSI
2016-02-25 downloads lbtscm Held the versioned dependencies for the products of the software group (mainly TCS)
2015-12-09 weatherstation ksummers Borland C++ code that talks to the Vaisala weather stations, running on the Windows machine
2015-12-09 aosupervisor.old lbtscm old stuff, to be removed.
2015-09-16 lbcfpia ksummers LBC dofpia IDL code maintained by John and Olga
2015-02-26 ddtools cbiddick Tools that were written by Paul Grenz when he worked here, never used in production to my knowledge (SH). Parts (DDEditor,..) were moved to TCS SVN area
2015-01-09 ao_system svnadmin Repository requested to hold the AO supervisor code -- never used
2014-02-25 ltcs ksummers Laser Traffic Control software, configuration, web pages (prototype - not fully implemented for LBTO)
2013-09-11 plc dcox code loaded into the PLCs
2013-07-11 sat_avoidance pgrenz Satellite avoidance code for ARGOS, when LBTI was writing it - no longer used
2012-05-01 vhdl mgusick VHDL (electronic layout language) for Mike G
2011-10-04 tcs-test svnadmin Scripts that were written by Norm Cushing to test the TCS. Has only 1 revision and is empty!!
2009-01-08 anemometer dlmiller Very old code from Doug Miller to deal with the AO anemometers, ported it into TCS, and it has since been put in AO
2008-09-25 rotator mgusick code for rotator 8051s
2007-11-09 webapps svnadmin very old LDAP configurator made by a guy named Chinmaya

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