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Operation Workstations

Offspring of ROWG in a post-covid way.

  • 20230105 (DT, SH, MB)
reference WIP document

- current (physical)

    3x dual-4k (rm507-1,2,3)

    1x 6-head (to1 - reserved for OSA)
    2x dual-4k (obs1, obs2)


* tucson / moutnain = 4x dual-4k + 1 spare
* keep spare on stand-by (i.e.. no screen)
* h/w needs (PC, display), purchases
  - 2x 2-4k monitors
  - PC should be ok, upgrade if old, but no need to hyper-standardize
  - currently 3 types / (purchasing generations) of machines
  - dual 4k shouldn't be an issue for "any" graphics card
* timeline
  1) upgrade a machine in Tucson
    1.b) test x2go / vnc.
    almalinux provides Mate
  2) upgrade all tucson
  3) upgrade obs1 as a to1 testbed (for 2x4k TO)
  4) remove 6xheads, all 2xheads
  5) upgrade all mountain
* we'll use almalinux
* desk real estate availability ? get rid of ARGOS w/s ?
  - Tucson is ok
  - Mountain needs reshuffle
* OS almalinux 9.1 readiness? timeline for "acceptance"
* desktop mirroring soluton? vnc vs x2go, implication on desktop envionment
* headless setup requirements ?
* VMs for development
* x2go vs VNC
  * session management
    - compare to "old days" mainframe + multiple terminals
    - nowadays, several small cheap powerful computer, but singe desktop environment (similar to laptops)
  * but if we have 4x w/s might solves itself
    - e.g. obs3/4 is the "AO obs", obs1/2 are the "science obs", to1 is the "OSA obs" etc.
    - cover most use cases
    - 4 machines +1 spare flexible enough to cover the out of band cases (e.g. one fails, etc)
    - what's a bit special with LBT is the microwave link vs. fiber internet to facility that "never" fails


- need remove the argos w/s to have space at mountain
  - kvm ?
    - probably more cumbersome than anything
  - argos have single big tv screen
    - machines are mostly unmaintained, not sure they work anyways
    - argos could run remotely from the "new" obs, it's just desktop shortcut etc.
      - Dave will check with Juan Carlos
        - they were doing a VNC when working from Tucson ...
  - Linc-nirvana
    - lots of "stuff", need to clarify
      - they could work from "our" new stations
      - Dave will check with them
  - make an argos/linc-nirvana pile, as long as they dont need screens, it's ok
  - remote observing
    - already specified as 2x 4k
  - lbti is basically 2 sides x (AO + Science), but all 2x4k
  - obs5 / obs6 used to be plugged to argos screen
    - we want to standardize with the new machines
  - 2x dual-4k + 2x single could be fine
    - Dave will confirm
    - loose the redundancy
    - we want to standardize anyways
    - everything will be 2-heads
- 5th station backup only, doesn't need screen

Place holder for meeting minutes, documents, action items, etc.

ROWG Meeting Notes and Minutes


  • AO - Doug Miller
  • ObsDev - Michelle Edwards
  • OSA - Steve Allanson
  • Scientist - Al Conrad
  • SciOps - Dave Thompson
  • SW/IT - Stephen Hooper
  • Admin - Matthieu Bec

C19/ROWG test setup

(based on email from Stephen 2020-06-05)

  • The two six-headed machines in N507 are rm507-1 and rm507-2. The operators are working from rm507-1.

  • The rm507-3 machine is attached to a 4K 32" curved monitor and is just for testing.

  • In Al's office, N530, there is a 49" installation on rm530-1, and a 4-headed configuration on rm530-2 (which does not have AnyDesk as it is running CentOS 6).

  • In Christian's office, N538, there is rm538-1, which will be running two 42" screens side by side, but is waiting for a replacement screen that shipped DOA.



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