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ROWG Meeting Minutes 2020-09-14

Attendees: Al (AC), Dave (DT), Matthieu (MB), Stephen (SH), Steve (SA). Michelle (ME), Jenny (JP), Barry (BR), Doug (DM)

Action Items

ID Owner Action Completion Date
#0 DM evaluate direct x2go access to AO machines. CR restart Mon 18/Tue 19, perfromance hit? TBD
#8 MB create conceptual sketches how remote/eavesdrop between workstation WIP inital conceptual sketches
#13 AC follow up with IA2, how the data flows from instrument, /newdata, /repository, mountain/tucson/archive  
#15 AC/SH/AC draft ops technical requirements Draft for discussion
#16 SH training how to host anydesk with Jenny Tue 17 @ 1 pm, zoom 916-654-2916 DONE, others?
#24 TBD further screen test after #21, tentatively, use screens at home for long-lapse tests (e.g., eye strain, etc.)
#26 SH 2x 42" flat 3840x2160 + 1 curved 42"+ with max pixel available, reasonably priced, restock option DONE, 2x broken replcement?
#27 ME Generate a list of applications and tests to perform for the workstations with new displays assess AnyDesk lossy compression that might depend on ethernet connection
#28 all Capture your user experience and feedback to be compiled at the end of the exercise  
#29 MB Continue draft document address 1) data dissemination, 2) unattended Tucson
#30 SH VPN traffic segregation DONE
#31 SH new rooms and workstations c19 DONE
#32 ME reboot schedule policy  
#33 MB schedule automation  
#34 JP robs issue IT  


  • Deliverable (per board) - split in two sections (/documents?)
    • Technical requirements to be finalized (AC/SH/MB)
      • AI: bring the draft for consumption to partners level with AC, SH, MB
    • Operation model document - sciops/obsdev?
      • different mode and impact on FTE for support. Mark and Michelle, Christian need to better address the question.
      • maybe best to split and divorce the two tech/operation model documents.
      • experience will let us learn more about the model as remote operation. Tech phase 1 to get started, then we can iterate if phase 2.
  • home setup survey (Michelle, Jenny)
  • AnyDesk at the mountain / obs6 (SH)
    • progress currently imparied by ops-related issue (DIMM). Few weeks for IT.
    • obs2-4 for operation "as usual"
  • Access to data (AC) - use the archive tbc.
    • IA2 will not provide any tool
    • observers need vpn+scp for copying fits themselves (70% of cases they don't, but 30% they do), non-lead observers may not be able to use the archive, and will have a learning curve using it.
    • pre-covid, when observers were coming at LBTO, they would have access to everything.
  • obs restart on new partners shift (JP)
    • SH would like to understand the issue, use robs as much as possible.
      • BR killing the RTD seems to help, firefox also (LBC guis)
        • robs not behaving the same as the 507 (64 bits) - JP is preparing an email
        • robs is the recommended station for IT, need to know and fix the issues.
      • JP: run locally all the application as much as possible
      • start of obs-run schedule.
        • people kicked out? operation should prevail.
        • make announcement at the daily 3:30pm meeting, winter is 2:30pm
        • everyday? once a week? when run starts?
          • conclusion: to be discussed at SciOps and concluded next ROWG.
          • AI for now, restart for the run that starts tomorrow - obs-2,3,4
          • is there a calendar and that can be automated - something better than a PDF (there is a google sheet)
    • JP robs doesn't work well with Luci - not possible for operation
    • AI: create an IT
    • mods/lbc still stuck with 32bits stations.
      • progress is slow because Yang on other task. this should be lead by him + Olga.
    • lbti
      • appears to work, but like any other obs machine (bogs down after a while)
  • VPN lead observers vs others?
  • When shall we meet again - 2 weeks tentatively
    • tech draft for review
    • obs station reboot schedule policy

-- MatthieuBec - 15 May 2020
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