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ROWG Meeting Minutes 2020-04-28

Attendees: Al (AC), Matthieu (MB), Michelle (ME), John (JH), Stephen (SH), Jenny (JP), Barry (BR), Dave (DT)

Action Items

ID Owner Action Completion Date
#0 DM evaluate direct x2go access to AO machines. c19 on-hold
#8 MB create conceptual sketches how remote/eavesdrop between workstation WIP inital conceptual sketches to concretize as we finlize e.g., 14/15
#12 SW follow up with Christian, student project to convert LBTtools Iraf to Python WIP, CV approved, now MB with GG but somehow independent of ROWG
#13 AL follow up with IA2, how the data flows from instrument, /newdata, /repository, mountain/tucson/archive WIP - see note (*)
#14 ME draft letter to send out to partners about where we are see note (**)
#15 AC need for a formal document recap our ops thoughts WIP - see note (**)
#16 MB training how to host anydesk with Jenny Tue 17 @ 1 pm, zoom 916-654-2916 c19 on-hold - should really include every night-ops staff
#18 DM/JP deal with LBTI Jenny to help
#20 SH identify 32"+ish and 42"+ish UHD-1 3840x2160 curved display, circulate finding and issue PO (one of each) new
#21 SH+all test new screens in 507 (short, 1-2h, to get a feeling) Note: CV consulted and okay'd 507 use for test - request: coordinate prior to visit by email to get clearance
#22 SH f31 new general consensus it won't change the user experience but bring whatever is the latest and keep us on a train to fight obsolescence
#23 IS Luci simulator for (UI) test new MB will talk to IS
#24 TBD further screen test after #21, tentatively, use screens at home for long-lapse tests (e.g., eye strain, etc.)
#25 SH check AnyDesk pixel dimension limitation  
#26 SH 2x 42" flat 3840x2160 + 1 curved 42"+ with max pixel available, reasonably priced, restock option  

  • (*) AI#13 - Al shared the email from I12 but it's really about SHARK-VIS and not much details.
  • (**) AI#14/15 - these fall under one same big item, but shouldn't prevent us drafting #15 in advance as we envision it.


  • Motions and Action Items from the board
Action Item 2020.04.01 (Remote Observing Requirement Document): Send the Partner Coordinators a Requirement Document describing the infrastructure that is needed for a Partner to set up a remote observing station. Deadline: 30 May 2020
    • plan to give 2 weeks notice if we cannot meet the deadline
    • technical requirements, does not cover (for now) operational aspects
    • document intro should state this is the technical part not the ops aspects
      • security vs safety
      • safety hasn't really been considered really yet (but discussed)
      • OSA will always watch over the telescope when in operation
        • define who ultimately is responsible - the OSA / safety officer, they make the call
        • built-in protection at Keck, do we have them at LBTO?
        • prevent silly mistake vs. malicious (hopefully we don't have the later)
  • Requirement document
    • connection speed 1Gb/s
    • observing w/s
      • PC platform spec (nothing unusual)
      • displays
      • s/w (anydesk, web browser)
        • LBTO VPN account (contact
        • Cisco AnyConnect VPN client (download from
        • x2go ? probably not
      • OS
        • remote desktop only? anything
        • RPMs? fedora
          • LBTO tailored Linux distribution
          • maybe phase 2
          • maybe a recommendation
    • videoconferencing
      • seperate unit
      • quality sound speaker/microphone
      • s/w standard - zoom
      • slack/skype ?
        • keep it simple for phase 1
        • skype for chats, but slack is open to lbto, read in the morning - an ops decision
        • maybe a "restricted" lbto-ops slack channel, privacy concern
        • freshdesk may come out as some point too
    • how many obersvers will be remote?
      • 2 observers is quite common.
        • observe
        • reduce/quick look/plan
      • requirement should be a PC observers, up to 2
      • from home? connect to your home instituion? or prohibit it. Eavesdropping from your couch might be different, but we're back into the ops aspect.
    • redundancy
      • +1 PC? second could be the redundant one. no need for UPS
      • phone if the network goes down
    • share draft with partners, gather feedback
      • should be very specific about tech only
      • should be limited to partner coordinators
      • but we should do our own homework first!
    • draft in the work from Al
  • displays
    • 42" size, pixels and curvature
      • observer/AO/OSA different use cases
      • remote operation > focus on observer because it is needed for partners
    • 32" possibly in for test after Wednesday
  • desktop examples
    • discussion
      • what a remote observer must absolutely have to operate efficiently vs. what he can see or intreact with
        • "engineering" UI (all the feats and levels, trouble shooting) vs plain operation ones - html5?
        • AO for science, a green/red box?
      • pixel space available vs. used
  • LBTI AO operator setup
  • AO desktop

From Olga: the attached sketch shows how I tend to distribute the GUIs and displays over the 6 monitors, putting the windows I watch but don't interact with along the top --- the modsDisp ds9 windows and the telescope GUIs, and those that I need or may need to interact with along the bottom --- the script running window and modsAlign in the center and the MODS GUIs with the dashboard displays on the lower left and lower right monitors. The size of the MODS GUIs cannot be changed so they do take up a lot of space. The ds9 windows can be shrunk or expanded, but we need to the size to see the targets.


  • VR/oculus? watch, probably too early now

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-- MatthieuBec - 08 Apr 2020
I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
DesktopOverview.pngpng DesktopOverview.png manage 1 MB 21 Apr 2020 - 16:43 MatthieuBec LBTI AO operator setup
Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 11.37.13 AM.pngpng Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 11.37.13 AM.png manage 725 K 27 Apr 2020 - 18:43 MatthieuBec LBTI quick setup
allGui15apr2020.pngpng allGui15apr2020.png manage 4 MB 21 Apr 2020 - 16:45 MatthieuBec AO desktop
modslayout.JPGJPG modslayout.JPG manage 1 MB 25 Jun 2020 - 14:27 MatthieuBec  
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