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ROWG Meeting Minutes 2020-03-09

Attendees: Dave (DT), Matthieu (MB), Steve (SA), Stephen (SH) Eavesdropping: John (JH)

Action Items

Owner Action Completion Date
IT prevent 'observer' account to access AO machines without being prompted for password (possibly once, to unlock a key) 2020-03-09
AO evaluate direct x2go access to AO machines. TBD, Doug on shift missed the meeting. YYYY-MM-DD
IT procure 2x 4K screens replacements of 4-6 head stations. People may check the on in Stephen's office. Check ergonomics. Steve at the moutain. Wait for the users to check and experience it. For OSA, Steve wants to preserve the number of pixels he has on 6-heads. For observers / AO? 2x stacked vertically ~ slightly more pixels than the 4-heads. YYYY-MM-DD
IT procure 2x zoom video-conferencing replacements of polycom for Tucson / Mountain. Something similar to n505, but can we have the microphones that can be muted indivually ? John think it might be tricky. Check the zoom pages what's recommened. Integrated combo. Audio is probably going to be more important. Video can be as 'static' as the polycom. John suggests we should have the zoom capabilities of polycom. To look at screens. Zoom on Linux/Xorg works fine, but probably not 6 monitors, or similar issues as x2go. Zoom allows to share a window vs. the entire desktop. Zoom is currently available on robs/robs32. We should make a test: x2go to robs32, have client connect over to zoom. We need LBTO staff to test robs32, treat is as an obs2-6 equivalent. SH will work out the details with DT, others. We will not put zoom on obs3-6 (they're too obsolete already). YYYY-MM-DD
IT identify possible "hardware" video replacement. SH looked at 2 or 4-heads 1920x1280. The limitation could be bandwith. There is a 4k model. Nothing for 6xheads. ~ $300-500 per cards. 250Mpackets/s? YYYY-MM-DD
SciOps evaluate AnyDesk on robs32, rm507-x YYYY-MM-DD
SW follow up with Christian, student project to convert LBTtools Iraf to Python proposal to Christian YYYY-MM-DD
SW follow up with IA2, how the data flows from instrument, /newdata, /repository, mountain/tucson/archive YYYY-MM-DD
SW make a conceptual sketch how we can use robs32 / robs in the future YYYY-MM-DD
SW link to h/w option - probably don't have the bandwitch needed ( YYYY-MM-DD
IT zoom on 6-heads, does it grab one screen or all 4-6 YYYY-MM-DD
SciOps test robs32 x2go + zoom eavesdrop YYYY-MM-DD


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-- MatthieuBec - 09 Mar 2020
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