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ROWG Meeting Minutes 2020-02-19

Attendees: Dave (DT), Doug (DM), Matthieu (MB), Michelle (ME), Steve (SA), Stephen (SH)

~~~ Random notes and thoughts (MB) ~~~

Mission statement

Elaborate the purpose of the working group. What are we trying to do?

  • Enable partners observing from remote locations
  • Capture our own (internal) operation model


Use the same terminology


  • Mountain control room
  • Tucson remote control room (507)
  • Remote
    • Partners institutions
    • LBTO staff support/troubleshooting from home, etc.

Remote operation models

As described in Michelle document. Keep or revisit?

  • Eavesdropping, Remote Observing
    • mirror desktop

  • Remote Viewing
    • client/server

  • Remote Access
    • ssh / vpn + anything goes

Use Cases

Who, What, Why?

  • As an actor I need feature because profit.

  • Actors:
    • OSA
    • Observer(s)
    • Remote Observer(s)
    • AO scientist
    • ISA
    • SO

  • Operation mode
    • Classical Mountain (+ ISA support, local/remote)
    • Classical Tucson (+ ISA support, local/remote)
    • Mini-Queue
    • ENG/D nights
    • others?


  • video / sound
    • polycom, skye, zoom, etc
    • H/W camera, microphone, speakers, headset - good sound quality

  • polycom could be dropped
  • zoom > relies on the cloud. who uses polycom? only Tucson/Mountain one channel for all participant, better than split polycom use as backup, zoom might be slightly better for bandwith

  • interactions (distractions)
    • OSA / Observer / Remote Observer / AO / SO

User account

  • less is better: observer, telescope
    • rm507 not an issue
    • DM needs "engineering" account on summit machine
      • 6 heads started Jun 2014
  • $HOME sharing is an issue with recent desktop
  • ssh keys to AOeng, shouldn't be allowed for common observer account in rm507
    • LBTI likes the automated way (keychain ???)
  • recommended way to run AO ?
    • x2go to summit, vnc (?) to AO machines
    • AO looks like we're stuck with mirroring
  • case of failure for remote partners - they lose the night?

  • divide and conqueer > instrument by instrument > LBC probably easier (web based but few things, tcsSendWavefront) > LUCI / remote > remote, what happens if network goes down > LUCI back on your feet > MODS is a headache

  • Solution should allow flexibility. E.g. unthought modes of operations.

Action Items

Owner Action Due Date Completion Date
XX disable AOeng ssh keys - need to get LBTI in the loop (vs SOUL/FLAO) YYYY-MM-DD  
XX SO operate AO/Argos, later ISA take over this role - fix sketch YYYY-MM-DD  

Next Meeting

  • Every Wednesday after WPC ?

-- MatthieuBec - 19 Feb 2020
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