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ROWG Meeting Minutes 2020-10-26

Attendees: Matthieu (MB), Stephen (SH), Steve (SA). Jenny (JP), Al (AC), Barry (BR), Dave (DT)

Action Items

ID Owner Action Completion Date
#0 DM evaluate direct x2go access to AO machines. CR restart Mon 18/Tue 19, perfromance hit? TBD
#8 MB create conceptual sketches how remote/eavesdrop between workstation WIP inital conceptual sketches
#24 JP further screen test conduct 2nd survey
#32 ME reboot schedule policy DONE - impact far from clear
#34 JP robs issue IT DONE, use IT8050


  • feeback from UC - documents put together by ME at (deprecated see:
  • observer form: "do you need remote access" before asking VPN (check with ME next time)
  • Luci/LBC blessing on robs fedora
    • swg on call
    • D+E time
    • if stuck, use obs2-4, but call first
    • record sticky points (e.g., /old_home) so SWG can fix them
      • where to centraly store OT generated (OB) scripts? etc.
        • OT generated "scripts" really aren't scripts (in the sense of executables), just OT xml files xslt-translated into instruments sequencer compatible text files
        • solution should have partners keep their own "stuff" "private".
        • /home/<partnerX>/scripts -> /synology/<partnersX>/scripts or something like that so it's shared from everywhere even thought the partnerX is local to the rmXXX and robs,
          • lbto staff should be able to see all \<partnersX\>
        • for now we're in between two worlds (centos/fedora) with MODS only running on centos/32 for now.
        • start of a semester is stratigically the best time to do major directory restructuring. (= Feb / Sep)
  • Oct-31 SO outage
    • VPN > SH will send moutain access (temporary for that "event") - sciops? ISA, SO, AO support, maybe Gudi, etc = use sciops
      • LBTI ends 6:30am, starts 11:15pm
    • OT > IS will fix it on robs, not a wide release. How critical if too complicated, OSCO only?
      • pregenerate as much as possible.
      • let's hear back from Igor - nice feature to have the redundancy build in (maybe a pull down asking where to generate)
    • still working the exact time line (ignore MC's 5-5 email - until we know better, we'll send an update)
    • misc. (satellite, archive, etc,)
    • test with the new moutain vpn in advance
  • obs workstations
    • getting a couple new dual-4Ks
      • obs 5-6 probably won't be used as "user in front of the console", but useful for the AnyDesk test in the future.
  • sciops remote centric user guide update
  • What's next
    • next meeting 2020-11-09 - after hearing back from UC and D/E blessing, same zoom, same time.

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