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ROWG Meeting Minutes 2020-10-12

Attendees: Matthieu (MB), Stephen (SH), Steve (SA). Jenny (JP), Al (AC), Christian (CV), Barry (BR)

Action Items

ID Owner Action Completion Date
#0 DM evaluate direct x2go access to AO machines. CR restart Mon 18/Tue 19, perfromance hit? TBD
#8 MB create conceptual sketches how remote/eavesdrop between workstation WIP inital conceptual sketches
#13 AC follow up with IA2, how the data flows from instrument, /newdata, /repository, mountain/tucson/archive DONE - wont do anything about it for now
#15 AC/SH/AC draft ops technical requirements Draft for discussion DONE
#16 SH training how to host anydesk with Jenny Tue 17 @ 1 pm, zoom 916-654-2916 DONE - anyone else should contact it@lbto,org
#24 JP further screen test conduct 2nd survey
#27 ME Generate a list of applications and tests to perform for the workstations with new displays DONE, IT8050
#28 all Capture your user experience and feedback to be compiled at the end of the exercise DONE - JP survey
#29 MB Continue draft document DONE, circulated to UC
#30 SH VPN traffic segregation DONE
#31 SH new rooms and workstations c19 DONE
#32 ME reboot schedule policy DONE - impact far from clear
#33 MB schedule automation Dismissed for now
#34 JP robs issue IT DONE, use IT8050
#35 ME make sure instructions to restart the obs machine shared with ISA/SO (lead support) DONE


  • LBTO Remote Observing Science Operations Policy (DRAFT)
    • shared, reviewed, feedback - should be clear where we stand.
      • partners will send us their feedback.
      • CV: send both for the UC next week, move forward.
    • many tools but little guidance. Do we need more explicit guidelines e.g., as sketched here?
      • most partners know what works for them. We'll see at next iteration if there's more needed. LBTO already has experience as we operate remotely,
  • progress with LBC / fedora
    • obs2-4 centos6
    • obs5-6 in the process. SH/LR obs6 almost complete.
    • obs1 / LBC IT 8211 (desktop app shortcut) - it's WIP, pending until everything is "blessed"
  • obs workstations
    • reboot schedule policy: recent obs2 episode (reboot but slow the same night)
      • cpu/ram nothing obvious
      • /tmp directory full (wfs? tbd), lbti wfs computer, soul wfs computer. check what's using this on the obs machine, zabbix is monitoring those locations.
        • swap usage, off ramfs? obs2 8GB, obs1 48GB
      • GCSGUI still a problem? better, but yes maybe not all the time. but use / improve FACSUM instead.
    • luci / 64
  • foreseeable IT budget implication from ROWG (ctd.) - do we need new displays
    • repeat a survey, more input from more people trying.
    • MODS display space hog
  • What's next
    • next meeting Oct 26, same zoom, same time.
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