PeWin is a Windows programe furnished by DeltaTau with UMAC controllers. There is a licensed copy on black Lenovo Windows 7 Laptop, know as Mike Guisick's laptop. PeWin can be used to measure various characteristics of UMAC controler, adjusting PID settings and much more. The problem is to have it interact with usually UMAC controlled AGWs - see below for some hints.

This is PeWin window, showing Watch and Terminal windows (among others).

PeWin32 Pro2 screen

PID tuning

If the move of the probe took too long or if it ends with a timeout, after trivial mechanical settings, please try folowing:

  1. if you cannot ping (ping u=[1..8]) UMACs, start AGW (ssh oac@oac startAGW -u1)
  2. stop oac server (ssh oac@oac sudo /etc/init.d/oac stop). UMAC accept only one connection
  3. locate Windows laptop with Pewin32pro, start it, make sure it can ping to UMAC you will tune up (ip, u=1..8)
  4. Start Pewin32pro2 on Windows laptop
  5. Select ETH with IP, or add new one with the IP
  6. You might want to add important values to the Watch window:
    value meaning
    M7110 Theta motor trigger/moving
    M7111 R motor trigered/moving
    M7500 Homing status (shall be 23, all motors homed)
    M7121, M7122 Theta + R current position (counts)
    M7115, M7116 Theta + R target position (counts)
    M140, M240 Theta + R moving bits
    M7130 UMAC status (shall be 0)
    M145, M245 Theta + R in-position bits
    M7135 General error
  7. to home all motors, execute in terminal window: M7100=1 M7101=1 M7102=1 M7103=1
  8. Now open Plot tool (menu Tools | PMAC Plot Pro2)
  9. Select values, hit "Define gather"
  10. Execute movement in UMAC terminal Window: M7115=50000 M7116=500000 M7110=1 M7111=1
  11. in PMAC Plot tool, hit those buttons:
    1. Begin Gathering
    2. # wait for interesting period to finish (when both M7110 and M7111 turns to 0, or after some time)
    3. End Gathering
    4. Upload Data
    5. Plot Data
  12. Try t figure out what might be wrong (overshoot due to high P / low D, not converging, ..)
  13. Adjust PID setting (I130 - P, I131 - D, I133 - I), and repeat plotting

Friction plots

  1. extend probe in R axis and Focus axis, Theta to 14mm - M7155=-14000 M7156=612000 M7157=45000 M7110=1 M7111=1 M7112=1
  2. Prepare plot in PMAC Plot Pro2
    1. in PeWin32Pro2 menu: Tools | PMAC Plot Pro2
    2. Select Detail Plot tab
    3. Add M102 (DAC output)
    4. Define gathering
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