Thread sleeping & waiting for a possible external trigger

Instead of the following code (CPU wasting, not ideal):

%CODE{"c++"}% //Wait 1 minute before updating again timer = 0; while (timer > LIMIT_UPDATE_INTERVAL) { SystemClock::usleep(LIMIT_STATUS_INTERVAL * 1000); timer = timer + LIMIT_STATUS_INTERVAL; if (this->isStopped()) break;

// If a PRESET or OFFSET is issued, recompute immediately if (limitTrigger) break; } limitTrigger = false;

// and calls to trigger as (with an obvious race condition): limitTrigger = true;


use that (lacking isStopped part, but there will be CV added to tcs/core/Thread library):

%CODE{"c++"}% std::condition_variable cv; std::mutex cv_m; int limitTrigger = 0;


{ std::unique_lock lk(cv_m); cv.wait_for(lk, chrono::seconds(LIMIT_UPDATE_INTERVAL), [this] {return limitTrigger == 1;}); limitTrigger = 0; }

// and calls to trigger as { std::lock_guard lk(cv_m); limitTrigger = 1; cv.notify_all(); } %ENDCODE%
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