PMC Software Notes

From Kellee's notes during TCS training, Summer-2017


packet errors on PMC a few times each hour; 1/4 second timeouts -- no ideas why...

PMC commands go to 0 after mirror comes up, sometimes many complains coming up, but then the commands go to zero and complaints stop.

the cell panics if air pressures go too high -- not voltages out of range.

If pressures go negative, it means the multiplexer of pressures and voltages failed converting data - readout is wrong, not really the values; the monitor is messed up.

"influence forces" from active optics and C00 forces -- can cause panic if out of range

thermal data stale is a WANRING
there are issues on the SX with the thermocouple - an ordering problem reading the data? shouldn't alarm off the thermocouple but PMC treats the whole thing as one and complains "stale"

PANIC even if the mirror is down, power off could cause a PANIC

if air not on, can get the "Raise never started" error on auto-raise command

Raise doesn't watch elevation, so if elevation changes, could PANIC; PMC complains

MTC = mirror thermal couple, F = face plate -- sometimes we see out of sync errors and complaints (reading between PLCs)

"outer loop stalled" PANIC - force set illegal ~20x in a row; high forces and going up in elevation

If chase state is not IDLE and a move is requested, it fails. Chase is the motion state of the mirror.

Actuator panic when air is coming on are ignored

actuator # is returned in commands, 1-20 on serial port


BSB, Artesyn dir in CB (we bought from) Emerson (see Software/VxWorksSoftware for notes on the VM environment)
10 2GB files for the VM
We don't us Tornado Registry
"cell" is the VxWorks program to load updates (not the initial version, just updates)
retune servos for test programs - use cell comm and cell GUI


./cellCom 0 kicks off a VxWorks socket interface same as PMC

can run at the same time as PMC and PMCGUI

build on test stand -- UEI cube to readout

if PMC can get status, etc. then the cell program is running

Tornado IDE sets up includes and defines that are different between boards and processors.
Diffs between boards is pretty minimal. PPC604 family

We're not likely to change any VxWorks kernel parameters

Building VxWorks -- can access source on rm580d-1:/data
Building the firmware cannot just point to source on rm580d, have to copy it to the Windows PC.
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