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SW&IT Meeting Minutes 2022-08-01

Attendees: Brandon, David, Glenn, Matthieu, Paul, Stephen, Xianyu, Yang


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  • Previous:
    • Regular TMS and LBC work.
    • Some MODS and misc support stuff.
  • Next:
    • Mainly focus on TMS and LBC work.
    • Continue to work on some MODS utilities.
    • Other possible misc support stuff.


  • Last week:
    • Zoom account ticket, should be resolved. One of ours got caught in the batch renaming to Zoom was able to fix it and I have not heard that there have been subsequent problems. Good to close, I think.
      • Did the login dance to be sure, but all other accounts were still licensed.
      • Really happy with Acadamic Tech, they're super responsive
    • JW, continued: Presume meeting happened, but I haven't heard the result yet. On it.
    • Finally AzCam VM seems to be stable
      • Disabled IPv6
      • Disabled sleep
    • Found SMTP relay issue with Google's open mail relay, have ticket open but for now we're not getting mail from Veeam
    • First little web update, swapping schedule pdf. Slight refinement of process. It's all very straightforward.
  • This week:
    • JW followup
    • JPH offboarding?
    • Autocad license update
    • Matlab license update for lab computer(?)


  • Last week:
    • While investigating a startup problem with my LUCI simulator, I discovered and fixed a error in the locking implementation of ClientImpl.
    • Investigated IT 8684 (EXPTIME FITS header) and determined it is a documented GEIRS feature.
    • Continued investgating double buffering in GEIRS and LUCI.
  • This week:
    • I am taking a half-day off on Monday.
    • Fix the FILENAME FITS header issue in IT 8684.
    • Create a new test of LUCI double-buffering after eliminating redundant GEIRS status and other commands.
    • Upgrade the osa-tcs TCS simulator to the latest TCS version for SHARK-NIR.
    • IT 8571, 8529 (Observer Scheduler GUI).


  • Last week:
    • Sat in on Shark-NIR update meeting, SX-SOUL-LUCI RIX review day 2
    • Ice/RTDB disconnect stats/investigation (in Adaptive Optics/AO SW folder.)
    • RTDB disconnects
    • Looking over S-LUCI WFS startup procedure/logs
  • This week:
    • Ice/RTDB disconnects
    • JCG back Aug 2--go over WFS startup procedure with him sometime.
    • AO SW mtg. reboot?
    • Prepare some for AOSS (reminder: gone next week + vac. following Monday. Will be on slack/checking emails etc. M-F)
    • Look more into splitting ASM/WFS ao-supervisor repos.


  • Last week
    • SHARK-NIR PDU problems - testing which OID is correct.
    • Phasecam testing - troubleshooting slowdown on open/close loop.
    • IT 4407: PCS: display the integral of the guiding corrections (Add numbers to PCSGUI)
  • This week
    • Continue work on issuetrak.
    • Understanding phasecam slowdown.
    • Determine correct OID for PDU.


  • SCADA system with Dan R.
  • Aluminizing
  • ITGC first meeting on Friday
  • LBTI rsync


  • SCADA system with Dan R.
  • core switch config
  • lists for ITGC
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