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SW&IT Meeting Minutes 2022-06-27

Attendees: Brandon, David, Glenn, Matthieu, Paul, Stephen, Xianyu, Yang


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  • Last week
    • xxx
  • This week
    • xxx


  • Previous:
    • TMS data analysis, new discussions, and new scheme to implement, and other TMS related work.
    • LBC code study and planning.
    • Some other misc support stuff.
  • Next:
    • Mainly focused on TMS and LBC work.


  • Last week
    • Working on Issuetraks
    • Lack of network connectivity caused SHARK-NIR's computer's web page to load incorrectly.
    • Attempted to upgrade SHARK-NIR computer's hard drives as requested by the team in Rome; waiting on new drive trays.
  • This week
    • Continue working on Issuetraks
    • Support SHARK-NIR on the mountain as needed, may need to reconfigure software with new drives.


  • Last week:
    • A new version of the LUCI software (2.15.1) was installed on the observer machines. A minor error in the startup script files was then fixed.
  • This week:
    • I will be working half days (mornings 8-noon) most days through July 20th.
    • IT 8571, 8529 (Observer Scheduler GUI).


  • Last week:
    • Responses from Alfio (slopes not bounced from adsec->wfs machine, disabling completely requires firmware change; ncpa may need to be left on during optimize gain)
    • Test plans for stable+mmc, Housekeeper
    • AnemometerMon problems: added instructions to IT 8656 for checking which IP is connected to moxa. Have some test ideas ...
    • PR for s/obs3/obs5/ for irc.
  • This week:
    • CorrectModesAo error checking
    • ITs:
      • OffsetXY problems: (RTDB disconnect in AOG meeting notes + IT 8307)
      • 8553 - bcu timeouts + ocam not live (8250/3957)
      • 8397 - aos disconnect


  • Tucson CR cleanup
  • rm507-1 upgrade
  • particle monitor
  • Synology disk replacement
  • mountain wall displays


  • upgrade rm507-2, John H.'s computer.
  • wire up Tucson PDUs
  • move VMs
  • satellite issues, ALTA issues.
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