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SW&IT Meeting Minutes 2021-06-14

Attendees: David, Matthieu, Michael, Paul, Stephen, Xianyu, Yang


Labor Reporting

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LR20210531 - Bec, Matthieu 80.0
LR20210531 - Edmeades, David 72.0
LR20210531 - Grenz, Paul 40.0
LR20210531 - Hooper, Stephen 0.0
LR20210531 - Zhang, Yang 40.0
LR20210531 - Zhang, Xianyu 70.0

News from management

Previous Action Items

Owner Action Due Date Completion Date

Open topics

Team reports


  • Last week
    • OC, Management
    • ATT KoM
    •, dms
    • s/w interviews
    • created a tms alarm that resulted in 100x of emails... akthought there was a real failure. fixed it.
  • This week
    • lit2 end
    • kickstart dms.tucson f32
    • s/w interview
    • LBTI / AO SX meeting


  • Previous:
    • Some TMS work (software and helping with recent experiments and future comissioning work).
    • Some MODS work continued (now it seems to be fully ready, only needs sciops to approve).
    • Some OSCO work (inotify discussion, review some additional JS plotting libraries).
    • TCS experiments with Paul.
  • Next:
    • Continue some of the TMS/OSCO work.
    • Figure out how to test Paul's OSS on tcs-test?
    • Support MODS software if needed.


  • Last week
    • testing, debugging OSS for swing arms.
  • This week
    • More testing.
    • Vacation next week.


  • Last week:
    • Office trip
      • Networking stuff:
        • Installed UITS switches in 580 offices
        • Checked Ethernet drops in offices: all look good
        • Unexplained behavior with Windows laptop not connecting
        • Opened ticket re: switch irregularities and dead drops in 581, etc.
      • DMS on KVM
    • MS wants an intro meeting, scheduling for this week
    • Veeam management
    • Zoom account management
      • Will set calendar reminders to do full logins of all accounts to prevent this in the future
    • Fun times parsing Jim emails: I think the issue with charging his laptop is resolved
  • This week:
    • UITS ticket followups
    • MS meeting
    • Ketiv followup on Vault licensing


  • DIMM built machine, compiled DIMM, no problems
  • Steward work -- monitors for student workers, Elliot's computers stuff a bit, dead switches from mountain.
  • Toshiba UPS (Pat tried resetting, but it is still dead)
  • Vehicle calendar for Cindy


  • core-a
  • affiliate LDAP
  • LeRoy DIMM, summer plans, and going up the mountain.
  • Upgrade wiki machine
  • VMware installations
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