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SW&IT Meeting Minutes 2021-03-01

Attendees: David, Igor, Matthieu, Paul, Stephen, Xianyu, Yang


Labor Reporting

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LR20210222 - Bec, Matthieu 24.0
LR20210222 - Edmeades, David 26.0
LR20210222 - Sola, Igor 0.0
LR20210222 - Grenz, Paul 4.0
LR20210222 - Hooper, Stephen 80.0
LR20210222 - Zhang, Yang 41.0
LR20210222 - Zhang, Xianyu 40.0

News from management

  • staff announcement
    • Igor leaving Mar 12
    • Michael Sizemore, SW student starts today

Previous Action Items

Owner Action Due Date Completion Date

Open topics

Team reports


  • Last week
    • OC, Management
    • ATT tasks and priorities
    • dms refactoring, websockets
    • $ADOPT_LOG examination

  • This week
    • Igor handover
    • ATT tasks and priorities
    • SW student induction


  • Previous:
    • OSCO software work (update realtime process).
    • TMS software release, and tests (Thursday afternoon, and E-time on Friday night).
    • Discussed with Stephen regarding Olga's robs LBC requests.
  • Next:
    • More OSCO work expected (git/jenkins, web-dms patch-up, verification, meeting, etc.).
    • TMS utility software patch.
    • Follow-up on Olga's robs LBC requests.
    • Some other misc work (TCS docs, MODS-64 bit).


  • Synology-fest
    • eBay unit send back? Observe by UPS? I'm getting a trickle of information from the seller. I have an office trip blocked for tonight
    • RMA unit, working with support to install same firmware on replacement unit to make it a drop-in to the HA cluster.
  • Setting up for storage-focus IT meeting
    • Spoke to Backblaze about backups replacing GDrive
    • Spoke to direct Dell rep about Isilon project
  • Archive meeting
    • Do not recommend multitasking vaccination with meetings
    • Some good insights about base assumptions from when the archive project was started
    • Getting a better idea of new storage needs, will follow up and consolidate
  • Weird GDrive behavior re: PIT packages. I worked with Igor on Friday and was able to initiate download of all three distributions
  • Mac Mini available via VNC, will nail down IP and DNS


  • Previous:
    • Was sick for most of the week,
  • Next:
    • Will pick up with setting up the network to facilitate the tcs computers talking to the D4x5 device.


  • Last week
    • Mostly on SX AdSec issues (AdSec has issues alomost everyday last week)
    • ATT AdSec
    • AO support
  • This week


  • DIMM
  • RPM maintenance
  • network config git, still some to do
  • RPM stuff
  • Vaccine on Friday


  • SciOps meeting
  • DIMM (work)
  • VM mountain work
  • network config git
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